Reports claim former Man United chairman Ed Woodward met with Boris Johnson days before ESL launch

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Sometimes things can purely be written off as a coincidence, but there is something very interesting in reports which state that Ed Woodward met with Boris Johnson just days before the ESL was announced.

Obviously we all know what the fallout was from this as the launch backfired spectacularly as the fans started to protest, while Woodward resigned from his post because of his part in this.

It’s claimed by Downing Street that the meeting was actually to talk about fans returning to the stadiums rather than anything to do with the Super League.

It’s extremely difficult not to be cynical here as the Tories love to get involved whenever there is money involved, while the reaction of furiously trying to claim to be on the side of the people is the same thing they’ve done every single time that an announcement or policy has been badly received.

It’s believed that the minutes from the meeting should be available for release soon so that should clear everything up, but the timing is definitely unfortunate if nothing else.

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