The huge promise that Josh Kroenke made to Arsenal fans is highly significant

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We seem to live in a world where a lot of important figures seem to think that they don’t need to stick to any promises, but football is a bit different because so many fans love their club so much.

It means that any promises or quotes will be remembered, and it will be interesting to re-examine what’s been said this week if the idea of the Super League ever crops back up.

Josh Kroenke spoke to the Arsenal fans today as part of the grovelling effort from the owners, and this specific promise feels very significant:

The ESL was clearly all about money and it even looks like the owners figured they could bypass local supporters and find revenue from other markets, so the natural next step in that would be to take matches abroad to cash in even further.

The Kroenke name has very little respect or credibility around the Emirates just now and breaking huge promises won’t help that, so this should be a sign that there really are no intentions to do something like this.

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  1. Honesty has never been part of the planning within the society of the super-rich. Their existence is based on dishonesty.
    Anyhow, any way, any where.

  2. The history of the british game is full of back door deals and unfair decisions based on things other than football. The idea is not the problem its the suggested format, qualification etc
    A league of champions is not a bad idea as its not a cup format it would not likely impact the chamions league but its gotta be kept small top 8 leagues? Champions only 2 games each 1 home 1 away that would be 14 games additional. Or a true world club cup 4 yrs internal qualification open to all premier league teams (over previous 4 yr period) on a knockout basis 1 Representative per nation. These would be valid ideas a league where half teams dont have to qualify would ruin the game. Truth is more money in the game the worse it becomes.

  3. I don’t trust a single word from that man or his father.

    Besides technically he said “I can guarantee..”, not “I guarantee..”

    I guarantee that whenever they smell more money they won’t care about us silly fans and our wishes.


  4. Better stan suld sell this club b4 every thing got worsen at the club now he seem like tick that only depend on thing bt nothing else. Plz and plz get a buyer.

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