These Arsenal fans react to “embarrassing” Mikel Arteta statement as he solidifies himself as Kroenke’s puppet

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It does feel like the idea of a European Super League has been squashed, but the battle to reform football and make it a more competitive sport still goes on.

It’s clear that the ESL was formed without the knowledge of most players and coaches so the owners are the ones who need to take the blame, and that’s led to numerous protests around the country just now.

Stan Kroenke is particular unpopular at Arsenal after his part in this and the fans want him out, but that can only happen if there is pressure applied from all sides – including the coaching staff.

Mikel Arteta had the chance to lay down a marker in his press conference today and show that he won’t support anything like this, but instead it has the air of a hostage video as he solidifies himself as Kroenke’s puppet:

Perhaps he didn’t feel like he had a choice in the matter, but the initial apologies have now turned into the club closing ranks and plenty of the fans are far from impressed with this behaviour:

The major fear now will be that the ESL will be tried again in a few years if those behind it don’t face some very real consequences soon, and this was a chance for Arteta to stand up for the fans rather than his paymaster.

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  1. It’s appalling to see him squirming and mouthing platitudes. He has no place at Arsenal. Mother of god! as Ted would say, how far we have fallen as a club – no integrity, no values. The shameless ones have destroyed this club.

  2. Leave Arteta alone, the owner has apologised like many others teams who did this grave mistake. Lets be logical to believe that our club owners are afraid of being left behind incase this may be successful. Let them learn from their mistake that the fans are the foundation of this club.

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