14 Premier League clubs call for ESL masterminds to be sacked

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The 14 Premier League clubs not included in the European Super League have called for the club executives involved to be removed from their roles.

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Sky Sports News have the story, which they have reported on Friday afternoon.

It has been claimed that all 14 Premier League clubs are now demanding the owners of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and Manchester United be removed from their positions.

Due to the nature of how the recently shelved plans for an ESL came about, the 14 clubs are reportedly said to no longer trust or want to work alongside their counterparts.

Sky Sports News claim to have spoken to one club executive who said: “We had been told repeatedly that they weren’t setting up a Super League so after what’s happened this week, we simply can’t deal with these people again.

“The owners of these six clubs need to find new people to represent them at Premier League meetings. They have to be replaced. Some of these people have more faces than the town clock.

“We all disagree (on things) and we all look after our own interests but there are certain lines which can’t be crossed and so many lines have been trampled all over this week.”

Although the Premier League are expected to take retrospective action, another club executive is claimed to have said: “It would have ruined the other 14 clubs if this had gone ahead, we would have been destroyed.

“We have absolutely no problem with their fans, players, managers and staff, but we have a big, big problem with their owners and CEOs.

“We thought they would have learned their lesson after ‘Project Big Picture’ but they’re clearly so arrogant that they’ve continued to say one thing and do another.”

The ESL was born and died within a 72 hour period, however, had it now have been for immense pressure from fans and large sections of the media, who knows just how far plans would have gone.

In a savage attempt to reaffirm their frustration and sense of betrayal a third club executive is understood to have told Sky Sports that they want the ‘Big 6’ owners to sell up.

“Ideally we want the owners to sell up but we know that’s not going to happen,” the source said. “What they can do though is replace these people and bring in some fresh faces.

“We feel like we’ve been deceived and what they’ve done goes against everything we stand for. If they ever come to one of our meetings again, we will stonewall them. We will blank them.”