“Needs to be sold with immediate effect” These Arsenal fans want ace to be sold and young players to get a chance after Everton defeat

Mikel Arteta may have been keen to play down the idea of Arsenal going all out for the Europa League this season, but there’s nothing else for them to play for after the loss against Everton tonight.

It was a strange game as it seemed to play a secondary role to the protests going on outside the ground tonight, and it can be seen as further proof of Arsenal needing some serious investment if they want to compete for the top four.

Mikel Arteta can use the excuse of having several stars out injured and some of this team selection was makeshift in attack and defence, while the usually dependable Bernd Leno produced a shocking error that decided the game.

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Arsenal do have several promising youngsters on the books just now so the future does look bright, but it also suggests that someone like Eddie Nketiah may need to move on.

Perhaps tonight was one final chance for him to prove that he deserves more chances to play, but it looks like some fans have seen enough and would rather see Martinelli and Balogun get a chance instead:



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  1. I think that the Arsenal player who dived pretending to be hurt when Richarlisson never touched him should receive a straight red card for trying to fool the referee and also get Richarlison into trouble.

    1. Referee saw it as a penalty and awarded it, VAR searched hard for offside and found it. The fiddled decision once again went against Arsenal. But you want the player sent off, typical

  2. It’s a shame my club lack ambition,now I’m convinced Martinez sale was an error.

    1. Calling it an ‘error’ is an understatement !!!!!! It is pure scandalous !!!!!!! Will have Matinez everyday. Leno is totally lacking in presence and authority.

    2. I have always shared the same opinion on Martinez. I couldn’t believe it when Arteta sanctioned his move to Everton considering the heroics he had shown when Leno was injured. Yesterday when I saw Nhkentia in the starting line-up and Martinelli on the bench, I just said to myself ” there goes Arteta again”. The goal that Nhketia scored in that drawn game was enough to fool Arteta. What a pity.

    3. Mate, Martinez is nowhere near as good as Leno.

      Selling our sub keeper for £20m, when he’d not even played 20 PL matches, was a no-brainer. It’s the best bit of business Arsenal have done since Anelka.

      I’d still like an upgrade on Leno, but Martinez is average PL quality at best.

  3. I will say this one more time. Arsenal have a middle of the table squad! Some of our players, at times, have good games, and on rare occasions they all play well together. The trouble is, their inconsistency; more often than not, one or more have a stinker; it was Leno’s time today. I try to give Arteta the benefit of the doubt, but this squad cannot handle the rotation that Guardiola employs. Arteta needs to stop trying to keep everybody happy, and play his best available team in every game.
    Amazingly, all the blame for this squad seems to fall on Arteta’s shoulders, why does nobody question the current recruiting practice, and especially EDU’s role.

    1. There again,defending a poor manager..the team is mid table team I agree with that,but what of the Manager…not once this season has he been able to win when it meant we would climb up the table.He always picks the wrong team and messes it up.i don’t think the problem is with the players,its the Manager and his tactics.If we stick with Arteta,we would wallow in mid table….

      1. Yes you are right use wilock as example he have scored for Newcastle just under four months but nothing to show under arteta, cebalos was good goal scoring midfielder before he sign for arsenal, never have a single goal under arteta, I think his tactics is the players Problem.

  4. This Arsenal team would not even qualify to carry Sol Campbell kit bag or T Henry soccer shoes ,Its annoying to watch a football club with 22 Average players none of them can play

  5. First thing wrong, Martinez shouldn’t have been sold. He was way better than inconsistent ‘ BURRRK’ Leno.
    Secondly, the choice of starting Nketia for a much as never important deciding turning game which could have, perhaps taken up Arsenal closer to the fourth place, was it a genius idea!!!!!!!!
    Last, what a wonderful owner we have!!!!!!
    Hope ONE day he’ll wake up and really invest in the team instead of putting all the bad decision on the back of the others.
    What a shame….

  6. Pittyful, so called supporters protesting. Just an organised rent a mob. Helicopters fireworks heavy police guard and the press call them supporters. Yes chant the Arsenals name doesn’t make a supporter, same rent a mob that saw off Wenger, what a difference that made. Perhaps they needed a plane. Embarrassing.

  7. Referee saw it as a penalty and awarded it, VAR searched hard for offside and found it. The fiddled decision once again went against Arsenal. But you want the player sent off, typical

  8. Arteta is d issue not the players, all he does is experiment with the players,Imagine rotating players every week. Am sure Gabriel M. Will start next game ahead of Mari,William ahead of Pepe,and odegard ahead of smith. All Arte ta does is get this players confused. Arsenal is bigger than Arteta

  9. We are in trouble. A manager who can’t s
    Identify a good goal keeper when he sees one is a disaster coz Martinez grew up at Arsenal. He came as a teenager now we see him excelling at Villa while the one we have is producing howlers to let in goals.
    When are we going to see Balogun? With many overpaid seniors not up to it why not have Balogun and Martinelli? As it stands Arteta is going nowhere cos he stand to benefit from fans dissatisfaction with owners. I heard Josh Kroenke said he’s gonna give club dosh to invest in the team. Wait for next season.

  10. Arteta risked his job himselve.y play nketia he has neva performed.start game strong and weeken when you win.Arsenal play too much backballs.any player who can’t move ball forward take them out your team.The result heart us mostly in kenya we even hide to meet other teams fans the lough on us.

  11. Said it a thousand times before but here goes I’ll say it again just in case no one heard,, Arsenal’s drop into mediocrity and fall mid-table performance’s on the field began in 2016 with the arrival of Granit Xhaka,, statistics do not lie. Goals conceded have increased year on year since his inclusion in the team. His contribution is none effective at the other end of the pitch resulting in a year on year drop off in goals scored. He is the principal reason for the continued demise towards the relegation zone.
    Whatever way you want to slice it, until he is gone Arsenal will never get back to their rightful position

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