“The clubs cannot leave” – Real Madrid President Florentino Perez grows ever more desperate over ESL failure

It was clear that Real Madrid were having some genuine financial problems, but the launch and immediate collapse of the European Super League has only helped to highlight that.

All President Florentino Perez could initially talk about was the financial benefits of the scheme for his club, so it was pretty obvious that this had been cooked up to help their financial issues.

It became even more farcical when leaks showed that the league was set up for Real Madrid to earn more than some of the other clubs in the ESL, so it was an uneven competition from the start and any talk of it being some kind of hyper competitive league was immediately flawed.

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While most of the teams have now pulled out, Perez continues to grow more desperate by the day as he keeps coming out in the media to say that these other clubs aren’t allowed to leave.

The BBC have picked up on some of his recent quotes, and it appears that he’s put all of his eggs in this basket:

“I don’t need to explain what a binding contract is, but effectively the clubs cannot leave. Some of them, due to pressure, have said they’re leaving. But this project, or one very similar, will move forward and I hope very soon.”

At some point he is going to have to face reality on this one, while it doesn’t look good for Real’s transfer plans this summer.

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