‘Can see why Joel Glazer was so upset’ – Manchester United owner isn’t happy about this departure

In news that’s sure to rile Manchester United supporters even further than they are already are, owner Joel Glazer will be reportedly upset by one particular departure at the club.

It’s one that fans of the club have been calling for for a number of years, so they’re unlikely to be too sorry that Ed Woodward has tendered his resignation from the Red Devils.

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Consistently harangued by the Old Trafford faithful, it’s believed that Woodward has held the Glazer family’s purse strings, and as a result many supporters blame him for the club’s transfer dealings over the past few seasons.

With Woodward going at the end of the year, the Glazer’s have lot one of their key allies at the club.

Ed Woodward and Avram Glazer

“Ed Woodward was perfect for the Glazers,” football finance expert, Kieran Maguire, said to Football Insider.

“You can see why Joel Glazer was so upset when he tendered his resignation.

“Woodward said winning on the pitch is irrelevant to commercial success. He’s got a manager who has the same philosophy.

“Solskjaer said before United played against Milan that winning trophies is just for egos. He means that winning trophies is an irrelevance.

“That’s very much the same attitude at board level. That’s the problem at the club.”

Solskjaer’s comments are sure to be of concern to those who pay their hard-earned to the club too, and if the Norwegian isn’t able to win a trophy this season, the noise for him to be removed will become deafening.

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  1. Jaya Pillay says:

    Solskjaer does not believe in winning trophies. It is for ego. That’s why he left Pogba and Cavani out yesterday. He played for the draw. Solskjaer does not trust himself with making subs. He is totally unsure who to bring on or take off. He is soo scared, that’s why he waits so long. It is probably the reason why Cavani wants to leave. Would you stay at a club when you know the manager doesn’t believe in you and only sends you on in 85th minute? Manchester United need a new manager.

  2. Colin Clarke says:

    Sorry but on Solskjaer you ARE WRONG. Ole didn’t say or mean that winning trophies is ‘irrelevant’ he said that it wasn’t a sign of PROGRESS. Ole wants consistency, because that wins games and winning games wins titles. But he is also dealing with the constraints that have been put on the club since the Glaser family took over, as Sir Alex , Moyes, Van Gaal and Jose had to do, but there are still players in our squad that where here under Sir Alex who if Ole wants to move on is hard do to die to mad wages. Am I saying that Ole is the man? No I am not but you can’t liken him to Woodward or the Glaser’s who are driven only by money. Do the Owner want United winning titles?, nah not really, Does Ole? Too bloody right he does, he is driven by success.

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