“Should be fired”: These Arsenal fans and Everton ace have a clear message after Arteta decision against Villarreal leads to defeat

On paper the result for Arsenal isn’t a total disaster tonight as they do go back with an away goal and a real chance of making the final, but Villarreal were clearly the better team and you worry that they might not manage to overturn the first-leg defeat.

It will hurt more because it’s Unai Emery who has got the better of Mikel Arteta, but one decision in particular has come back to haunt the Arsenal boss.

It looks like he tried to go with a false 9 up front with Nicolas Pepe leading the line, but it meant they didn’t have a clear focal point and they really struggled to take control of the game and create any meaningful chances.

Arteta has had issues in the past where he’s tried to be too clever and those decisions have come back to bite him, and there are plenty of fans who are furious with him tonight – including Everton’s Yannik Bolasie:

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  1. GoonerRed says:

    This one is on Arteta
    Terrible choice of line-up formation.
    Ceballos is shite…ant see his departure soon enough.
    Once again, Rowe and Saca carry the squad.
    Pete was very good.
    No Madtenelli or Beguion,? Arteta needs to play yourself our strengths and not be cute. Idiotic.
    Time to look around for someone else.

  2. Manoj says:

    Kronke does not to pay a very experiment manager. That is why he will take chit coach and who will give us shit result. Everything is normal!

  3. Andrew says:

    Beginning of the end for Arteta and his naive squad.

  4. Michael says:

    An ambitious club can’t hire arteta as a coach take note of that my fellow fans. I am a real supporter of arsenal no matter how badly and rubbish they are, I still remain an arsenal fan even though I know that we cannot achieve anything with the current boards surrounding the club including arteta and his nonsense staff.

  5. Mateen says:

    Arteta was never a real coach we thought he was,you cant be looking up to those that are more experience,guardiola knows what he has.looking forward to de bruyne who made a pass to make a requallizing goal those fears were never in villareal couse we dont have those type of midfield from the beging.tell me what are you having gabriel martineli for at least he’s good and well feated why benching him?…

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