This is the most logical reason why Leicester City will be confident of keeping Brendan Rodgers from Tottenham’s clutches

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With Leicester City flying high in the Premier League once again, it stands to reason that, not only will their players be looked at as potential purchases, but clubs will be casting their beady eyes over Brendan Rodgers.

The Foxes manager has them playing a superb brand of football, and another Champions League berth would be a just reward for their industry throughout the 2020/21 campaign.

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It’s little wonder then that Tottenham Hotspur are being linked with making Rodgers their preferred replacement for Jose Mourinho, per the Daily Mail.

However, the Midlanders stand to benefit to the tune of £40m this season if they finish in the Champions League places, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Along with guaranteed European football again next season, that should be more than enough to keep Rodgers in situ.

Though Spurs are arguably the bigger club, with the greatest of respect, there’s no valid reason for Rodgers to leave Leicester at this juncture.

Particularly as he appears to be building something really special at the King Power Stadium.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks and it is a good point, but I also think the another obvious reason is his ambition and career and the current situation he finds himself in in relation to that.

    Of course nothing is surprising in football, so he could up jump ship, as he showed by leaving Celtic for us at a very strange time. Hence his loyalty has to be questioned but he is driven by his ambition, desire to get to the top and is very smart.

    Brendan Rodgers is an ambitious talented coach who has already managed a top club in Liverpool. Aa bigger club than Spurs already.

    He’s come back to the Premier League is and doing a fantastic job at Leicester and his stock is extremely high right now, to the extent he has already been linked again with top jobs like Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea and even Barcelona as he speaks fluent Spanish.

    As much as I love what he is doing at my club Leicester, I am also acutely aware that when a really top club come in with the finances, and recent heritage to compete to win the top prizes he will almost certainly go.

    Yes, Tottenham are a bigger club but not a top club like the aforementioned, just look in their Trophy cabinet from the Premier league era, nearly 30 years and with top players, coaches and investment and they have won 2 league cups. In that same period Leicester are already more successful having won 3 major honours, 2 League cups and the Premier League.

    For me the Tottenham job is a bigger job, of course, but not a Top job and a massive gamble ultimately, when he is already at the stage when he will be offered a top job given how frequently top clubs change managers. He doesn’t need the next stepping stone in his career, so what does he have to gain by taking it and if he fails, his stock will start to fall again.

    He could have an off season with Leicester next year and people will point to us being a smaller club unable to compete, his stock wont be damaged.

    If he has an off season at Spurs where expectation is that much higher and he will need time to build, and of course will have less time, what does he stand to gain?

    I also think he very shrewd….. so can’t see what he stands to given given the risk.

    There are several other factors in play also:-

    1. If Lei cester achieve Champions League football and Spurs don’t, it is a step backwards next year already from competing at the highest level.
    2. Salary – Whatever Spurs offer, Leicester will match.
    3. Squad – With the exception of a 2-3 marquee players, The Leicester squad is at least as good if not better.
    4. Finances – Spurs have a big stadium to pay for, and don’t spend or pay that much more than Leicester. The Top clubs do for sure. Leicester will also get a £40Mn windfall if we do qualify for the Champions League.
    5. Harry Kane – He is 28 before the start of next season and openly wants to win Silverware but is running out of time. He has 4 years left at the top and both Manchester clubs are looking for a striker and can afford him whatever the fee. He is an absolute superstar at Spurs and rightly so, but incredibly has won nothing so losing him will be a massive blow to them, and he will go sooner rather than later.

    6. The project – He is already into a 2 years project going incredibly well competing at a higher Level and over achieving vs Spurs now.
    If he goes to Spurs he is starting again, so unless he has immediate success will take time to build and develop the team to complete. In the meantime Kane will not hang around that Rodgers may win them trophies in 2 to 3 years. Its too late.

    7. Control of the clubs running and transfers – He is absolutely at the centre of this at Leicester, everything is in place he is an ultimate decision maker so why would he swap that for a club where Transfers are made by a committee and Levy has a lot more input and control over the manager. Remember Pochettino’s unhappiness at trying to take them to the next level, often down to lack of backing from the owners.

    8. Relationship with the owners and players – Of course he can develop this but again is starting again and in all his time in the game and I get the impression the Leicester owners are a lot easier to work with than the Tottenham ones.

    9. ESL sanctions looming – There is inevitably that sanctions are coming Tottenham’s way. At best a fine…… at worst points deductions or a transfer embargo.

    Like I said at the outset, nothing can surprise you in football, so he may well choose to go, if he talks to them.
    However everything I have seen of him so far suggests he is a very shrewd man, knowing what is is trying to able to achieve so would be very surprised for all the above reasons stated why he would go to manage Tottenham, a huge career gamble when at this stage in his career to get to the Top, he simply doesn’t have to.

  2. Articulate and pretty accurate both the article and the comment. I am a spurs fan and talking to other spurs fans we can’t see one reason he would come to Tottenham.
    We would love him he is an amazing manager but in his shoes i wouldn’t even consider the job for a second .

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