The news that Newcastle United won’t want to hear over Steve Bruce and Mike Ashley

The last few weeks will have been a relief for Newcastle United fans as safety is now assured, but it will be slightly bittersweet when you consider what it will mean behind the scenes.

All Mike Ashley wants is a lapdog who will keep the team in the league without rocking the boat and demanding more money, so there’s little chance that Bruce moves on in the summer after he’s delivered what was needed.

Football Insider have reported on some comments from Frank McAvennie about the situation going into the summer, and this is not really what the fans will want to hear:

Mike Ashley will keep Steve Bruce on now it looks like Newcastle are safe. I don’t know many managers who would like to go in there and work with Ashley, that’s a problem.”

Listen, they are safe now and they could get rid of Bruce but nothing will change as long as Ashley is there. So what’s the point? He’s not going to pump money into the club, he’ll give just enough to keep them in the league.”

The only way that anything is likely to change would be through a change in ownership, but recent events around the Super League launch and the demand for fan ownership at clubs probably makes it tougher for the Saudi consortium to take over the club.

It means next season will probably be pretty similar for the fans, and it’s the news they won’t want to hear.

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