Video: Leaked footage of Luis Suarez cheating in Italian citizenship test in effort to seal Juventus transfer from Barcelona

Juventus and Luis Suarez will struggle to shake the controversy surrounding a failed transfer from Barcelona last summer, as footage has leaked of the forward cheating in his Italian citizenship test.

Suarez was cast aside by Barcelona after an embarrassing end to the season saw them lose the La Liga title, having held top spot, before they were hammered in the Champions League by Bayern Munich.

The prolific striker, who was 33 at the time, seemed to be on the brink of a move to Juventus, which required himself to pass a citizenship test so the Italian side didn’t exceed their Non-EU players quota.

Three different clips now show the Uruguayan during the test, which he’s already admitted to cheating on, as he sets down his smiley face cap before being offered a helping hand by university employees.

It’s abundantly clear that practices that are deemed unlawful in exam settings took place, as Suarez is handed a piece of paper with writing on, presumably answers to the test.

With underhand processes involved in the test, you’d think the employees would keep a low-profile, but no, an entire team of staff then appeared in the room to take pictures with the striker.

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Reuters reported that four university officials were suspended for eight months as a precautionary measure, with the institution denying wrongdoing, just like Juventus.

The investigation by Reuters also includes a statement from Perugia chief prosecutor, Raffaele Cantone, in which the official stated the Juventus hierarchy ‘took action’ to ‘speed up’ the granting of citizenship.

Cantone also added that contents of the test has been ‘communicated’ to the Uruguayan in ‘advance’, which seems to be the cast in the videos, with the score on the exam ‘predetermined’ by Juventus.

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