(Photo) Man United fan-made banner accuses club owner of visit to Jeffrey Epstein’s paedophile island

Fans are beginning to gather outside Old Trafford ahead of today’s clash between Man United and Liverpool, with thousands expected to attend the anti-Glazer protest.

As per the Daily Mail, up to 10,000 angry Man United fans are expected to march on Old Trafford this afternoon in protest against the club’s ownership.

The European Super League fiasco appears to have been the tipping point for several clubs, who already had contempt for their owners before news of their involvement in the cash-grab scheme.

With fans unable to attend games at current, they have to take extra measures to ensure their voices are heard while they remain absent from the confines of the stadium.

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The anti-glazer protests are expected to be significantly larger than last week’s.

Banners and placards are an effective way to get snapped by the media and get your message across. Not all of them, though, are as savage towards the club owners as this one.

We have to note, in the interest of sincerity, there is no evidence of this claim being truthful.

Honestly, the mind boggles as to why you would even want to own a football club when the fans hate you to the extent that Man United fans hate the Glazers.

There’s plenty more business ventures for the family to involve themselves in.

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