Manchester City under Premier League investigation over potential Financial Fair Play breaches

The Premier League are still investigating champions-elect Manchester City over potential Financial Fair Play breaches, according to the Daily Mail.

Man City are on course for a season to remember, with Pep Guardiola’s men on the verge of winning the Premier League and progressing to the Champions League final, having already won the Carabao Cup.

However, could all of their good work this campaign be marred by allegations of FFP foul play?

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Man City edged closer to the title with a win over Crystal Palace yesterday.

Probably not, because these allegations have existed for some time now, but the Daily Mail last night reported that the Premier League are still investigating the league leaders for wrongdoing.

The Daily Mail report that, while UEFA have concluded their investigations into Man City, with the punishment having been issued (and later significantly reduced), the Premier League’s own investigation remains unsolved.

At current, it’s anyone’s best guess what sort of sanctions they could be given if the Premier League do find them guilty of any wrongdoing, but this has been hanging over City’s head for some time, they’re not going to allow it to spoil the title party.


  1. Robert Fielding says:

    FFP was originally brought in to stop teams running up huge debts!

    1. Mark says:

      Do you really believe that? It was brought in, to simply stop City spending. Its now evident most of the top sides in Europe are heavily in debt, and couldn’t afford to keep competing with City in the transfer market. So the easier thing to do was create a rule to stop them spending. If FFP was so transparent. Why wasn’t in brought in, when clubs like Portsmouth and Leeds nearly went bust. And the simple answer to that, because they were no longer a threat to the cartel, especially Leeds

  2. Jeremy Poynton says:

    Done for the sin of not being in debt, I guess? Worth tracking back and finding Platini’s original proposition for FFP – to close in on the clubs running on huge debts. I.E. United, Barca, Real (both still in the mire – Barca have still to pay off all of Coutinho’s transfer fee, but that’s fine with UEFA). And then along came City,

  3. David says:

    UEFA,FIFA and PL are all corupt

    1. Buster1880 says:

      I agree it’s okay for the likes of the big four to monopolise for years then along came city and ruffled a few feathers broke into the champions league and stopped the likes of the big four from surviving on campion league money to keep them afloat and being in debt that they seem to accuse city on a club that is financially stable and debt free for their own mistakes of how they have let the so called big four to get away with this for years .

  4. john yorke says:

    All the big clubs can pay any fine they throw at them,the only way to stop it is points deduction.

    1. Joe Hardy says:

      What you need to understand is not the punishment but the reasons for the rules in the first place and we all know it was nothing to do with Fait play or saving clubs from Debt – Don’t We?

  5. Brian says:

    Fifa are too soft kick them out

  6. Alphonso says:

    THIS isn’t news, not even old news. It was concurrent with the UEFA accusations which were thrown out by CAS. The fine that was significantly reduced was for telling UEFA to go and do one instead of putting their hands up for something they had not done wrong. FA are just too incompetent to follow suit so it has remained on the table gathering dust.

  7. John says:

    @john they will never do that

  8. A biggins says:

    If premier League punish city they should look into utd ffp and eufa look into psg Barcelona real Madrid but won’t hold my breath

  9. Johnnnie says:

    Non story, crap journalism, wake up guys.

  10. Stan Adams says:

    I urge all fans of the British clubs involved in the super league debacle to unite,march on Parliment and stop the greedy rich ruining our game !

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