Graeme Souness hits out at Manchester United fans who “could have cost someone their life”

Graeme Souness has hit out at Manchester United fans in a slightly bizarre rant claiming they could’ve killed someone at the protest that took place today.

The pundit was clearly not impressed with the antics of some of the Man Utd supporters present, slamming those who threw flares and cans of beer around.

Huge numbers of United fans showed up at Old Trafford to protest against the Glazers, the hugely unpopular Red Devils owners, and it even resulted in some storming onto the pitch.

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The game was unsurprisingly postponed due to the huge demonstration that took place, but Souness was clearly slightly shaken by the events he witnessed, with a flare coming close to hitting him.

In a lengthy rant, Souness made it clear that stuff like that was no laughing matter, though you have to wonder if he’s focusing a little too much on the behaviour of a few individuals who took things too far.

“Let’s not mess around, we’re all skirting around it, let’s be honest: someone has thrown a flair up to this stage today. If that had hit any one of us we’d be lying in a hospital permanently scared on one side of our face wherever it hit is,” Souness said during Sky Sports’ coverage, as quoted by the Metro.

“So that isn’t a laughable situation. Someone threw a full can of beer at us. Again, that clips you in the wrong place, that might even kill you.

“So let’s not mess about, let’s not be tippy-tapping around the situation and the reality of it. That is unacceptable. Something has happened out there for this game to be postponed.

“Forget us. We’re used to it, the way you played, the way I played, we’re used to it. Shout as much abuse as you want.

“But that goes way beyond the acceptable. A lit flare! And if you care to take a camera down there [points beneath stage] you’ll see it’s hit the underneath of the stage we’re standing on and it’s then dropped off and burnt a great big hole in the tarpaulin down there.

“A flare – do you remember there was a kid killed by a flare down in Cardiff a few years ago. You can’t underplay it.

“I am not criticising Man United supporters, because as always – whether it’s racial [protests] or anything – there’s always an idiot. So I’m not criticising Man United supporters en masse. But that [the flare] you cannot underplay that.

“Because that would have marked someone permanently for life. They would have carried that mark with them for the rest of their life if it hit them on the back of the neck, the head, wherever. Or the beer can, a full beer can, hits you on the side of the head, on your temple.

“I get the feeling we’re sitting here saying, ‘Yeah it’s a demonstration, it’s quite right they demonstrated’ but there’s been a village idiot out there who could have cost someone their life today.”

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