Done Deal: Jose Mourinho seals quick return to management as he agrees to take over Euro giants

You did have to wonder what would be next for Jose Mourinho after he was sacked by Spurs, but it appears that he’s secured a pretty quick return to management.

He’s excelled in Serie A before with Inter Milan so clearly Roma are banking on him finding that special touch again as he’s been confirmed as the new boss for next season:

Roma did announce earlier on today that Paulo Fonseca would be moving on at the end of the season, but the announcement of Mourinho is one that nobody really saw coming:

Unfortunately his appointment doesn’t kick in until next season, as it could’ve added a completely unpredictable edge to their second leg against Man United in the Europa League as they look to overturn a heavy defeat in the 1st leg.

Every time Mourinho is sacked it does look like he’s going to run out of options or opportunities, but this is still a huge job and it’s going to be fascinating to see how it works out.


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  1. Pez says:

    There’s so much vitriol and hatred towards Jose Mourinho it seems that so many merely want to see his aura fail. Granted his success in recent years has dwindled somewhat and many now question his ability to change. But facts are facts until his time with Tottenham as manager he has won trophies at every single club he has managed. He was also denied the very opportunity to put silverware in THFC’s trophy cabinet being sacked just days before the Carabou cup final so we will in truth never truly know if he could have made good on his promises. In essence I do not argue with the decision to call time on Mourinho’s tenure, though I do have considerable issue with it’s timing but isn’t this just typical of Levy’s questionable decision making in football matters.Nonetheless it is clear many would argue his 18 months at Spurs was a failed experiment, and that Mourinho’s style was at odds with the clubs ethos. But is it ever really that simple? Mourinho’s failures were also the clubs failures and a good many others would also point the finger acrimoniously elsewhere as a whole, and lets face it Spurs have been falling short for some considerable time now. It is also worth considering the premiership and football in general, particularly at the highest level is literally littered with managerial casualties over the years with many clubs and boardrooms so impatient for immediate success, and all to trigger happy when lofty expectations simply are not readily met in realtime. Football management is about as ruthless as it gets. But a manager with Mourinho’s long standing and success rate has a reputation which is not as easily tarnished as many would seem to want to hope for, for whatever strange reasons? As Jose steps quickly, and perhaps surprisingly so, into the Serie A with Italian giants Roma would it be equally surprising to see him resurface successfully going forward? Personally I think not, and I wish him every success in that very aspect. Whatever you may think of the Portuguese coach personally, irrespective of his time with Spurs he remains an overriding success and despite all the conjecture is I suspect very far from done yet!

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