Thomas Tuchel hopes to solve Chelsea’s attacking woes with formation change next season

There have been plenty of times this season where Chelsea have been on top and created numerous chances, but actually getting the ball into the back of the net has been the issue.

The fans will hope that they take steps to resolve that this summer by simply signing a lethal striker to take those chances, but it also looks like a formation change could be on the cards:

It’s easy to get bogged down in the basic numbers with a formation as the shape can look very different, but that makes it sounds like they could be much more open and expansive in their attacking play.

They do have full backs who like to get forward and wide players who want to cut inside and open up the space for them, so in theory this should result in more chances and more attacking players to take them.

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There will be an impact on the defense as it could leave them wide open on the counter, so it will then become very interesting to see how Tuchel addresses that, especially if Thiago Silva is still there as his lack of pace could be exposed.

It’s likely that a midfielder will have a deeper role or someone like Cesar Azpilicueta could take a more disciplined role as a full back so there’s always three defenders back, but this does sound like a fascinating thing to watch out for next year.

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