Some Arsenal players unconvinced by aspects of Mikel Arteta’s management and “occasionally unhelpful arrogance”

Some Arsenal players are reportedly unconvinced by Mikel Arteta’s management after a poor run of form this season.

Although the inexperienced Spanish tactician started well at Arsenal last season, leading the Gunners to an FA Cup final triumph over Chelsea, things have been much tougher for him this term.

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According to the Independent, there are some aspects of Arteta’s coaching style that aren’t going down too well at the Emirates Stadium, largely due to his tactics, though also with his style of communication.

It remains to be seen how safe Arteta’s job is, but there could be big pressure on him if Arsenal fail to get past Villarreal and into the Europa League final this evening.

The Independent’s report on how Arsenal players think about Arteta doesn’t exactly paint an ideal picture for the former Manchester City coach, with complaints about his poor in-game management and lack of flexibility if players end up missing a game.

The report also notes that there have been some “grumbles” about Arteta’s “occasionally unhelpful arrogance”, which certainly sounds like something that could put players off, particularly from someone so inexperienced at this level.

In short, could Arsenal do well to learn from Chelsea’s approach to hiring and firing?

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  1. Tony Basara says:

    Seems Mikel has a bigger job of disposing some big name players who are bringing negative energy into the team.
    we all said Arsenal needed an overhaul when we sacked Unai. The truth is, only 1/3 has been accoplished.

    1. dee says:

      it wasn’t the players that tried playing a false 9 for the 1st ever
      It was the players that took of Auba when you needed a goal
      it wasn’t the players that didn’t bring Marinelli on sooner

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