Champions League final venue update: Premier League side approach UEFA about hosting the final between Chelsea and Man City

In many ways UEFA deserve some credit for taking big European finals around the continent, but that can often come at the expense of the fans of the clubs who actually make the final.

This year’s Champions League final is set to be held in Istanbul, but we still have a global pandemic going on and that is going to make it harder to plan and much more difficult for the fans to get there.

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We now know that this year’s final will be an all-English affair between Chelsea and Man City so it does make more sense to move it on this occasion, and it looks like Aston Villa have offered their services:

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It’s a move that would make a lot of sense – Villa Park is a cracking ground, it’s a fairly iconic neutral venue for cup ties and it’s a reasonable middle point between Manchester and London.

Unfortunately this is UEFA and sense and practicality for the fans usually takes a back-seat when there’s money to be made, but it does look like there’s a chance of this happening.