Next Real Madrid manager: Club legend and big-name experienced manager likely candidates as Zidane’s exit touted

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It’s still possible that Real Madrid find some late season form and manage to win La Liga this season, but the more likely scenario sees them fall short.

That would be a big problem for the club as they’ll have missed out on the title and the Champions League, so that’s often enough for them to sack the manager.

Zinedine Zidane is a special case because he’s a legend for his work as a player and as a coach, but a report from Goal has suggested that some of the players have started to turn on him and there’s a feeling that he won’t be there next season.

That means replacements do need to be considered, and the report states that there are two names that appear to be leading the way just now.

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The first one is Raul who is legendary at the club for his exploits as a striker, but he’s starting to earn a name for himself as a coach as he’s in charge of the B team.

It’s pointed out that the club have several exciting youngsters who need a chance to impress and a coach who believes in them, so there’s some hope that he could start a youth revolution at the club.

The problem with that is Real Madrid are notorious for having zero patience, so if they don’t start well then it’s easy to see them pressing the panic button and sacking Raul before throwing money at some more experienced players as soon as they can.

That suggests the proven option may be more likely, and it’s former AC Milan and Juventus coach Max Allegri who’s touted as the other option, while he’s also out of work just now so he should be easily attainable.

This decision will be made more difficult if they do rally and win the title, but it does look like Zidane could be moved on this summer.


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  1. Let him go, how can he used Vinicius Jr. as a right back? In Liverpool & Barcelona’s game Vinicius Jr. is the best & the most deadly player on the pitch. Hazard is not fit, but he played 88mins in Chelsea’s game before he was subtituted. Zidane is too selfish.

  2. ZouZou should go. He is not only selfish, he is nasty and easily blindfolds by choice prayers.
    Shame unto you ZouZou.
    Your time is up. Go to blazzes.

  3. As i have seen hazard in the formation to face chealsea actually my mind shows me that chealsea must win madrid because of his selfishness method of game. Realmadrid attacking line have to be Asensio,Benzema and vinicious jr. after this the first subtitude have to be Rodirygo

  4. Zidane should leave the club, he has successfully destroyed the squad depth of the team, infact even antagonising some players, some of those youthful he sold or sent out on loan can easily make up for the depleted side in terms of injuries, youth development is another annoying issue with Zidane, , Ancelloti assembled Kroos Casemiro and Modric as the main stay of our midfield, how many years has past since then, all the vibrant youth signings are all out on loan except Vinicius and Rodrygo because Zidane does not know what to do with them, thank God Eder Militao has proved him wrong, there are Castilla boys that are supposed to step up to the first team but no chance, Chelsea used their youth strength to defeat us, please let him go.

  5. Let him go, he’s our problems. He’s selfish manager that Madrid ever had, he don’t want Vinicious Junior, while the management and the supporters worldwide sees him as their next legend. He don’t even know how to make a positive substitution, talkless of formations. We the diehard supporters of the Real Madrid don’t need him anymore, sack him whatever happen in the end of the season.

  6. we don’t have to sack zizo we have to respite people you have to remember his achivement as a player and as a couch

  7. Be patient for him remember the last 3 champion league tittles he won and give him a chance and advice him on way forward.

  8. selfisht & france interest is zizou problem like mendy/hazard & asensio in competence in first eleven instead vini & rodrigo

  9. In real madrid, previous glory/achievements are not counts. Pls let zidane go bcos is too selfish

  10. Zidane has to step up is patern of play or real madrid should give raul a chance

  11. Let the selfish coach be sacked please, he is too selfish, otherwise Vini should be our star and favorite player at this point of time now, in the case of Hazard I think he should always start from bench until he pick up his form.

  12. Thank to all Realmadrid fans worldwide will are too silent for long the presently realmadrid club was just luck and fortunate wgen Cristiano Ronaldo was in madrid people think is Zidane coaching Realmadrid to success not knowing is the extra ordinary hard work of one unstanding player like CR7 IF u remove is Goal to that 3 Champion league you people are crediting Zidane Madrid will be no where, There Must Be Full Change In Real Madrid in Ful From The Board….Mostly Likely The Sporting Director Is Not Activitie With There Signing Like Man City, Liverpool, Bayern, Barcelona, Etc, Will Have Plenty Lazy Player The Like Of Karim Benzema, Tony Kross, Rapheal Verane, Pls Let Madrid Bring Back Hakimi From Inter Back , Any Player Madrid Load Must Not Play Against Us Never Again…The Iike Of Morienitis Destroy Us In Champion league 2004, Odegaard at Real Sociadad Many More Must Stop Quickly, Thanks You Alll Hala Madrid

  13. Hello To All Madrid Fan In The World And Thank For Your Long Time Patience, Zidane Must Go Also The Sporting Director As Been There FOr Decade, He DidNot No His Job

    Hello To All Madrid Fan In The World And Thank For Your Long Time Patience, Zidane Must Go Also The Sporting Director As Been There FOr Decade, He DidNot No His Job

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