Conor McGregor admits to conversation about buying shares in Celtic despite Man United allegiance

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It seems that Conor McGregor has so much money that he doesn’t really know what to do with it.

The world-renowned UFC fighter clearly wants to have other business interests away from the octagon, though it appears he’s a little confused.

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Not long after news broke that the fighter would be keen to invest in Manchester United came the assertion that, in fact, he had initial conversations with Celtic’s major shareholder, Dermot Desmond, about buying shares in the Scottish giants.

As an investor, he’s free to put his money where he so wishes of course, but suggesting an allegiance with one club only to then nail your colours to the mast of another certainly isn’t going to win McGregor any friends.

Not that it will bother the Irishman, who seems to make a habit of offending just about everyone.

Controversy sells, evidently, with the money still rolling into his bank account.

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  1. Celtic shares are not something you can buy you have to bid right price and hope a share holder will sell you will never buy enough to get near the board meeting

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