Video: Classy Man City fans put Liverpool fanbase to shame with COVID-friendly title celebrations

Manchester City have not only won the Premier League tonight, but they’ve done it in classy, COVID-respecting manner.

Cast your minds back to when the Premier League title was won by Liverpool back in June. The scenes on Merseyside were contemptible.

Fans gathered in their masses, ignoring social distancing and government restrictions on mass gatherings.

This fan-arranged celebration will have been just as bad a super-spreader event than the home game against Atletico Madrid.

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Thousands of Liverpool fans gathered in the city to celebrate their Premier League title win.

There was no regard for social distancing or government restrictions outside Anfield.

Liverpool like to think of themselves as a club of class, and while that has recently been disproven by the Super League fiasco, last year’s title celebrations were enough of an indicator.

For Manchester City, though, to label them as classy would be entirely justified.

City are a club who have built themselves from the ground up, via blood, sweat and tears, rather than being bankrolled by an American sports consortium.

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Manchester City’s success is a classic sporting underdog story.

They’ve also taken into account the good work done by the British people in fighting the coronavirus pandemic while deciding whether to head out and celebrate tonight.

In order to prevent a spike in cases in Manchester, and by collateral ensure that their kids are tucked in early on a school night, they’ve decided against turning up.

Granted, you have about 100 or so rebels, including a man in a yellow jacket wielding a saxophone, but for some the excitement of being crowned champions is just too difficult to control.

Man City have the spirit of champions, from the squad, to the staff, to the fans. From a neutral’s perspective, all you can do is admire this incredible journey the club has been on.

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Disclaimer: This article is satirical – please, do not waste your energy getting offended by it.

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