Video: New footage shows Sheffield star Oli McBurnie teased with ‘sh*t c**t’ before attacking man in incident leading to arrest

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Some new footage has been shared on social media that shows the abuse targeted towards Sheffield United star Oli McBurnie, before the star attacked a man in apparent retaliation and was later arrested.

A clip of the injured striker went viral on Monday, in which McBurnie was seen knocking a phone out of someone’s hand and then proceeding to attack an individual.

Some context into the shocking footage can now be understood with the sharing of a new clip on social media, which sees McBurnie verbally abused as he appears to be walking with his girlfriend.

The Scotland international can be heard being called a ‘sh*t c**t’ and ‘sh*t as f**k’ by someone filming, it has since been reported by the Sun that Leeds United fan Elliott Wright was the man attacked.

Wright told the Sun that the incident sparked from him telling McBurnie to ‘chill out’ as he was arguing with his girlfriend, this new footage appears to tell a different kind of story.

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“Ole McBurnie! See you in a bit pal. See you later Oli McBurnie, you sh*it c**t, see you later. Championship will do you nice mate, see you later.”

“You’re not even worth it mate, you’re sh*t as f**k. What? Put me phone away? Why, what are you going to do? What are you going to do? F**k off mate, what are you gonna to do?”

“Big man, are you a big man yeah? Big man?” (McBurnie interjects with “put your phone away”)

“Ole McBurnie ay, big man yeah, Ole McBurnie, in a bit pal.”

With this clip showing that McBurnie was clearly provoked and no mention of a spat with his girlfriend, perhaps the star’s hopes of getting off lightly for his retaliation will be boosted.

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  1. He is excrement and a kughnt so nothing new there. The truth of the matter is McBurnie and moron and wind up merchant that gets paid obscene amounts of money. Cleary they hit a nerve and hitting to close to home and why he reacted.

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