Juventus players turn on Cristiano Ronaldo as he misses training for a poor reason

It will always be the case that star players look for some preferential treatment when they reach a certain level, but you also need to ensure the team doesn’t start to turn against them either.

Everything is usually fine when the team is winning and Juventus have become used to winning in recent years, so it’s interesting to see that the cracks are starting to appear now that they’re struggling.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world and it’s easy to imagine that he has more power than most players, but a report from The Daily Mail has indicated that it’s starting to go sour in Turin.

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The latest incident which has infuriated teammates saw him miss training after the humiliating defeat by AC Milan to go with the President Andrea Agnelli to pick up a new £1.4m Ferrari from their headquarters.

It’s led to a situation where it’s said that he’s becoming isolated in the dressing room as his teammates are annoyed with how much freedom he has, and something may have to give this summer.


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