(Photos) – Some Man United fans block Liverpool coach and slash it’s tires as protesting fans look to disrupt Old Trafford fixture once more

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A heightened police presence and decoy tactics from Liverpool have not scared off some Manchester United fans this evening, as they’ve partly succeeded in continuing their protests.

Some images have gone viral on social media which show the Liverpool team coach being blocked by some apparent United fans on it’s way to the hotel that the Reds’ are using in Manchester.

Daniel Taylor of the Athletic has since added that the tires of the official Liverpool bus have been ‘let down’, in other words – slashed.

The Liverpool supporters can relax slightly as Jurgen Klopp and the team haven’t actually been stopped in their match preparations, with Taylor reporting another coach is at the team hotel.

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So this seems to be a case of Liverpool either smartly sending out their official coach, adorned with the branding of sponsors like Nike, in an effort to act as a decoy – or they’ve had their ideal method of transportation compromised, but planned ahead and have a backup ready and waiting at the hotel.

England’s two biggest clubs were set to face off on the first Sunday of the month but fans stormed the Old Trafford pitch and had the match postponed, with protests against the Glazer family’s ownership now more potent than they’ve ever been since the European Super League drama.