Horrific Chelsea final stat has to worry Thomas Tuchel and his squad ahead of the Champions League final

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Obviously players do come and go, but winning or losing can become a habit for a club and it does seem to affect the squad even if they haven’t been there for previous games.

Today’s FA Cup final was always going to be tight, but Chelsea will be gutted to lose as they did come into the game as the favourites.

The season can still be a success if the finish in the top four and win the Champions League final, but they’ve hit a horrible patch of form at the worst time and there has to be fears that this could become a bottle job if they throw it all away.

History isn’t that kind if they hope to see some positive omens there, as that’s now eight defeats from their last eleven major finals:

Man City will go into the UCL final as the favourites so perhaps a little bit of underdog spirit could play into Chelsea’s hands, but they have to fear that it could become nine of their last twelve unless they can find some form quickly.