“I blame Tuchel” and “Poor selfish decisions”: These Chelsea fans turn on Tuchel and underperforming star for FA Cup final defeat

Finals are often decided by a piece of magic or a mistake, and Youri Tieleman’s thunderbolt in the second half was worth of winning the game.

It’s a frustrating loss from Chelsea because they’ll feel like they didn’t really turn up today, and they probably didn’t do enough to deserve the trophy.

They had plenty of good possession and openings but they couldn’t convert those into chances, and the finger of blame will often be pointed at the striker in that situation.

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Timo Werner is never going to let you down in terms of effort and passion, but there are serious question marks about his ability to lead the line for a team like Chelsea.

If anything he seems to get in the way of promising situations rather than helping the team, and he didn’t really look like scoring today.

His performance isn’t the only reason that they lost the game, but a lot of the fans are not happy with him after the game tonight:

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  1. Sadrack says:

    The team lack quality and class in the last half chelsea would be the best club in Europe if those front three were clinical but they lack confidence and quality spoiling chance after chance just like small clubs do there not ready to play without a striker coz they lack quality, once the opponents lead we expect to lose every time.

    1. Stephen says:

      Good talk,

  2. Fikru says:

    Playing Kepa cost the team. Mendy can save z goal….

  3. Timilehin says:

    Chelsea really tried but are unlucky today,I can’t blame tuchel because this formation is what will used and beat man city and kepa,ziyech,jorginho,Werner all deserved to play so don’t blame anybody and let us look forward to champions league final we are still blues

    1. Shadrack naderia says:


    2. waltz says:

      tuchel is overrated lampard he should take finals diferently ziyech was suppose to be benched not Christian he cause us that game

      1. Maina says:

        Indeed it was Hakim that caused us the game n not Timo

    3. Israel says:

      You are right but he should try to start pulisic, Mendy, odoi

      1. Jamie says:

        Pullisic should have definitely started, Mendy should have played, Hudson adoi, talented, but if he carries on playing the same way his chelsea career will finish early, he does absolutely nothing for the team, today too many not up to scratch, Jorginho, Alonso, Werner, zhiac, all very poor.

        1. Zino john says:

          Y not use giroud sometimes we should learn to win ugly

    4. bright says:

      He is to blame since three or four matches not he’s using formation and players that does not need to play the match

      1. Ibrahim lateef says:


    5. Musomesa Brean says:

      Both kepa and tuchel are unlucky especially on finals

      1. Godwill tayerera says:

        chelsea strongest team includes mendy. from thr onset when i heard that kepa would play i felt tuchel had made the wirst mistake. surely why did he play kepa. jorginho had a nightmare agaist arsenal and we expected him to be benched. chelsea risks losing everything including the 4 th position with poor team selection

    6. Robert B Moore says:

      Chelsea might not win anything at all if these guys don’t pick themselves up and Werner, Ziyech, jorginho and harvertz are the worst of the players.

    7. Fanimo Ademola says:

      Na lie be that semi final different to final why benching mendy and chiwell using James as center defender was a mistake in cup final

      1. agwaza robeth says:

        nonsense t t

    8. Bottos Apollos says:


  4. Chabzy chapo says:

    nonsense coach and nonsense decision

  5. olayemi emmanuel says:

    selfish coach kepa and werner shouid not start

    1. Ricoh jazz says:

      and even ziyech….kepa should even be given on a free transfer…he is of nothing to Chelsea

  6. Chibuzor says:

    What is the importance of ziyech and Timo Werner in Chelsea team? Tuchel, you keep making same mistake all over again and

  7. Bhupinder Singh Masaun says:

    Chelsea were absolutely abysmal today..omg how useless is Timo Werner..should never wear a blue shirt again !! slow ponderous and lacking quality..
    Wolves Fan.

  8. Kizza David says:

    Kepa is a loser,why keep Mendy on the bench,rest chilwell and play Alonso,rest kovacic,rest Abraham,,it’s all poor team selection that cost us the game

  9. pires says:

    what a shit!!!!!(timo)

  10. George Anagnos says:

    It is without a shadow of doubt Tuchel’s huge mistake, unacceptable from a coach of his magnitude. Similar scenario with Arsenal. In the second half he ought to have done the replacement at the beginning and not at 70-75 minutes. It was evident after the changes that the team performed dramatically better, so why on earth he was waiting? what for?

  11. Israel says:

    Tuchel might be comparing Chelsea benchwarmers or worst player to the good one for ucl finale

  12. Fatahi says:

    Blame the Board. Werner Zyech Havertz Jorghino are jokers. I think Werner should go. He is not improving

  13. Ogishanh says:

    Quiet unfortunate for Tuchel and his selection at times, why play kepa, zichel, Alonso at the expense of Christian….man might end up this season a failure when loss in two finals and not Make champion leques

  14. Francis Nicky says:

    Poor Selection. Why Kepa Ahead Of Mendy, Alonso Ahead Of Chilwel, Werner Ahead Of Harvertz And Ziyech Ahead Of Pulisic. Wasteful Werner Deserves Bench For Such A Game. Strong Leicester Against A Wasteful Chelsea. Really Painful As A Blue Fan #FA CUP LOSS#

  15. SG Marvin says:

    Why in God’s green earth will kepa start ahead of Mendy? Alonso ahead of Chiwell? why? Tuchel is becoming cocky and it will be his down fall

    1. Fegor says:

      I’m beginning to hate his cockiness

    2. Ben Sakyi says:

      You hit the nail right on the head. What is Tuchel trying to prove with Kepa? The guy is too short for a goalkeeper. Last year Wilfred Zaha hit a similar long-range ball and the guy couldn’t handle it. Tuchel is becoming too cocky and the board is watching. Antonio Conteh won the league in his first year in charge and became too cocky and booted Diego Costa out of the team, and as a result, Roman refused to back him up in the transfer market. Conteh left Stamford Bridge a sad and bitter man. At the time, I predicted that with that move Conteh had written an obituary of his Chelsea career and some rookie Chelsea fans disagreed with me. I bet if we lose the Champions League, Roman will not back Tuchel up in the transfer market in any significant way, just mark it on the wall.

  16. Evans says:

    I blame two people here Tuchel for bad selection Werner, jorgihno,kepa all should have not start and Michael Oliver bad decisions Tielemans goal should have been sad.

  17. Dennis Aiworo says:

    Chelsea sold a quality player in fabregas and bought jorginho that is below average

  18. Fred dizzy says:

    What I so today was not good at all Tuchel must know that this is England not Germany why Timo,Alonso what s loss what a Shem u waste us#chelsea big up.

  19. Ansumana kamara says:

    both coach and capa have to be blame. for the coach he didn’t change on time waner and zyiech need to take off during the first half but he failed to do that

  20. Amarsco says:

    The team selection was not bad, just needed to make changes early, that’s the game.

  21. Bassey Richie says:

    We dnt need to blame any body,
    but tt made a wrong selection.
    alonso intead of chilwel,
    warner intead of kai.
    am really disappointed at chelsea today!!!

  22. Ifeanyi says:

    All I ask now is this man Tuchel head because he is nothing but a gambler
    He knows how to gamble with finals instead of the the remaining epl matches rather he gamble it on trophy that man hv failed me seriously I won’t forgive him at nevee

  23. Olanrewaju adedipe says:

    The blame is not from coach but kepa and alonso are the one that spoil the match,let us just take it like that it was a football VAR and Reff poor decision

  24. Denes says:

    Tied of selfishness: tuchel out: we have come from very with our team. I believe this shit #tuchel has no spirit for the team.

    1. Emmanuel says:

      Me personally I blame coach.kepa.joginho they are useless and the board as well we need #9 ok aguero a goal poacher

  25. Denes says:

    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Monroe was right 💯

  26. boniface says:

    Id love to see either Giroud or Tammy in the remaining chelsea matches this season. We need to mix it up upfront. Its clear Timo and Havertz are so wasteful. Otherwise we shall drop out of the top 4 and lose the Final and a would be great season may turn into a nightmare. Tuchel needs to be humble and fair. If results don’t change i see a possibility of Tuchel not being their in the summer. Losing back to back games against Arsenal and Leicester is terrible. Losing more would be unforgivable.

    1. Alex says:

      Tuchel didn’t help us,poor selection.Better do it right in the remaining games or else no silverware and top 4 this season.Painful!

  27. Josh says:

    from the day I heard that tuchel is going to play Kepa , I have put it at the back of my mind we are loosing this final again.

  28. Abubakar usman says:

    You are right

  29. miracle kings says:

    TT is fool by making such decision kepa starting ahead of Mendy and Alonso starting ahead of Ben chillwell what a poor team selection nonsense I regret been a blue fan

  30. peter john says:

    werner is such a useless player

  31. Akin C. says:

    Touchel to be blamed for Chelsea defeat the c voice of majority is the voice of God. You have number (1) goalkeeper why using number (2) according to community chices. Mendy is the best for final. Zyech look tired all the time, changes should have been made at the beginning of 2nd half. Rotation is not the best for final play the team that beat real maldrid.

    1. Oyebode says:

      This useless coach made me cried today. How on earth would he benched Mendy, Chiewell, pulistic and used calamity Weber, ziyech, joginho and kepa

  32. luka moses says:

    ziyech was not perform well poor results for ziyech

  33. Kizyto erick says:

    I’m so pissed with tuchel today,I fail to understand whether this is a German team or Chelsea fc, why on earth must Werner start while he’s clearly shown that he has no intention of improving, and why must jorginho start? It’s better to play even gilmour instead of this guy. That game was a waste.

  34. Kimani Njenga says:

    Idiot coach cost us the trophy by playing useless goalkeeper kepa, mendy could hv saved that goal so easily we cant even win champions league wit this coach

  35. Kingdab says:

    I believe Thomas Tuchel got it wrong. I guess he is not a coach who knows how to play final. As a chelsea fan I knew from onset when our coach get sentiment about kepa starting, ahead of Mendy, all because kepa played FA, a bird at hand is worth more that champions league cup you are chasing. Honestly Tuchel is OVERCONFIDENCE. Am sure our coach will do same in FINAL OF UCL. He made same mistakes in PSG. My advice: use your best in all games and give us result. You have just 3 or 4 games left including Arsenal match, WHY?

  36. Aliu Magaji says:

    This is bad for Tuchel, he has to be careful as “Baba Olowo Chelsea” no send anyone ooooo
    He will drop his sledge hammer if Tuchel is not careful

  37. PETER says:

    I blemad nobody but i blamad var because they don’t know their work

  38. Jijingi Ter Dave says:

    Why play Werner on the attack with Ziech? Why not use Azp in the defence n then James on wingback? Why not sub Jogi Ziech n Alonso on time? The coach lacks experience when comes to playing finals. You win a match before you turn to child’s play.

  39. John Edward says:

    I always loose confidence when saw this nonsense called him kepa while his not good am happy he didn’t won match,if u dont start tMendy u continue loosing,if I see Mendy bring joy to me#us Mendy or we terminate ur contract extension,not using Mendy and pulisic is racism.

  40. Imbua Peter A says:

    Tuchel hasn’t won any finals why?he’s a gambler,he should be blame the loss and the likes of Jorgiho,Ziyeh,and Kepa,Timo Werner are all flops,Tuchel should be careful otherwise he loss all,did they caused him not to wind trophies and he talks alot, the owner should caution him before he losses all

  41. Simon says:

    De greatest mistake is playing kepa, any player dat sees him on post fu Chelsea thinks of winning Chelsea..Kepa hs a big problem..

  42. John says:

    Kepa is the reason we lost this Cup…

  43. Tarebo says:

    I think we just dont have the luck today the boy tried except TINO Who made poor distion

  44. Renson ongaki says:

    Serial bad team selection .why play kepa in such matches!touche is time to stye up

  45. agwaza robeth says:

    i blem tuchel y playing kepa

  46. Amuda quadri abiodun says:

    Hmm shiit

  47. AA Yaroson says:

    We lost the game. Yes we did lost it. Who do we apportion the blame to ? No one but Tuchel. Werner, Ziyech, Jorginho & Arriza have no business doing in the field. When I saw the line up, I knew quickly that winning the FA cup will be a mirage. Bias & selfish team selection, if you permit me to add those phrases. That ball is worth catching or punching it out. Is it that the coach does not ‘ve his first eleven players ? Or does he still ‘ve injured players, having boasted that Kova, Christensen, Mendy are all sound ? I couldn’t eat nor sleep last. What a mess ! I’m angry pls !

  48. Emmah says:

    One thing I hate about our game is that we don’t shoot outside the box

  49. David says:

    poor team selection.alonso,jorginho always playing to the back,timo and ziyech not good and should have brought pulisic and odoi earlier.should buy a natural and lethal no 9 not false 9 again.and this defensive play not offensively then defend after you have scored.not to defend then attack when you have conceded.what for

  50. Ice says:

    Tuchel’s poor dechsions,Alonso,ziyech n kepa werent needed.The selection were obviously wrong


    why he bench chilwil, pulisic, Covacic,haverz,mendy,and start with those lazy flayers like Alonso, zeyerch, kepa, wanner.It is the best mistake. Don’t do it again for our next three match up coming ,please Chelsea coach.

  52. Brawen says:

    Timo Werner selfsheness led Chelsea to loss

  53. ROONEY RAMSEY says:


  54. Graham says:

    said it many times on these sites, DON’T PLAY WERNER o.k. for speed but rarely finds the net. missed sitters recently, my old Granny would have put away. Giroud, or Tammy for the last three games that we MUST WIN.

  55. Frank says:

    kepa is the problem how can he loss 2 consercative FA final

  56. Nwachukwuominyi says:

    What a nonsense selection is this, imagine starting kepa ahead of mendy & ziyech ahead of pulisic & again kovacic why not use him 2nd half. This THOMAS TUCHEL must be a gambler, same he did ucl final last season. We have lost it but let it not happen again in ucl final . Chelsea should sell Jorginho, kepa, & alonso & buy a player that will help us win trophies. MY EXPECTED START XI LINEUP NEXT SEASON. KEEPER: EDOURDO MENDY,(DEFENDERS): REECE JAMES, BEN CHILWEL, THIAGO SILVA, ANTONIO RUDIGER. (MIDDLEFIELD): N’GOLO KANTE, MATEO KOVACIC, MASON MOUNT. (FRONT LINE) CHRISTIAN PULISIC, ERLING BRAUT HAALAND, HAKIM ZIYECH.

  57. Dozie says:

    Tuchel is the reason we lost both to Arsenal and Liescester. I don’t know Abraham’s unforgivable offence that left him on the sidelines all these weeks. Kepa should never wear the Chelsea shirt again. He is the worst goalkeeper in the EPL. Werner should be used as a substitute or when we are comfortably leading. Jorginho and Alonso are lazy players who should be replaced or used as substitutes. Zouma should never wear the Chelsea shirt again. If Tuchel doesn’t take time, what happened to Lampard and others will happen to him soon.

  58. George Anagnos says:

    If you don’t learn from your previous mistakes, Arsenal, and you repeat them again, then there must be something drastically wrong. Who cares if Kepa played in previous games and saved the goal? Put Mendy in he is taller and far better than this disastrous Kepa and He might have saved it???? But Kepa not in a million years. It seems we forgot how many goals he conceived in the past.

  59. BRIAN Draper says:

    Tt hasn’t a clue they slated Frank yet tt took over and he still doesn’t know his best team he tries to get them to walk the ball into the net he has players in good position s on the wing but instead of crossing the ball let’s have another 6 passes and give it back to the goal keeper to pass it out again boring football our he can get the team to break fast and wit for there defence to get back he is useless and they have being doing the same thing for weeks time for him to go

  60. Abwo says:

    On my Facebook page I make an observation suggesting I smelled failure when Tuchel categorically stated that Kepa will be on goal… The true is that all Teams have already spotted his weakness and can repeatedly overcome him through this same weakness…
    Tuchel, you still have to game to redeem yourself for our TRUST i.e Leicester on Tuesday and EUFA champions league final.
    If you fail us on any of this occasion…I promise you an unforgiveness…!!!

    1. sani samaila says:

      i dot no why he use to keep better player and put the bad onece

  61. ore ajibola isaac says:

    tuchel should try to a weak players before the final selection

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