“Cost us the game” – Chelsea star slammed for FA Cup final mistake by these angry Blues fans

Loads of Chelsea fans are taking aim at Reece James for his poor pass that led to Leicester City’s winning goal in yesterday’s FA Cup final.

Youri Tielemans struck a superb winner for the Foxes at Wembley yesterday, ensuring that Chelsea have now suffered a defeat in the FA Cup final for two seasons in a row, having been beaten by Arsenal last year.

It’s a disappointing result for the Blues after their superb recent form under Thomas Tuchel, and it seems a large number of supporters are blaming James for an individual error.

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The 21-year-old is a promising youngster who has performed well for Chelsea, but he perhaps showed his inexperience by neglecting to pick the simple pass in a risky situation.

James’ ball was intercepted, and it quickly led to Tielemans striking from distance for what proved to bee the winning goal.

It seems a bit harsh to focus on one player when others in the Chelsea side also failed to really do enough, but here’s what fans are saying about James right now…

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  1. Owoeye behind says:

    The build up to their goal was an handball,yet VAR did not interfare but VAR interfare in such a classic equalizer of Ben chiwell.very controversial decision.

  2. B0894 says:

    Actually Chelsea did a wonderful job to get to this stage. Are not this player’s the one using to conquered Real Madrid, Altletico Madrid, Porto, Man city.
    The problem is English referees. their officiating is one sided and favouritism.
    Watch the match between Man city / Chelsea premier league, Arsenal / Chelsea premier league. The two matches VAR intervained.
    Ok watch the Champion league final and get what is professional officiating.
    English referees are prank and hate specially on Chelsea football club.
    It does not started today.

    1. Love football says:

      So u used non English referee to reach the FA final? Hypocrisy

    2. habib omtiti says:


  3. Adeniyi e,b says:

    The coach is very gamled this is final TT suppose to use Mendy for goalie,we need to win one before aiming the one that have nt yet play.mendy can save the ball,long range is very common to score in arizavalaga hand

    1. Alex hams says:

      Chelsea team that’s the way you are,,, just accept the loose,, don’t blame anyone here,,James isn’t a striker, where were they,, you have learnt a lesson to stop boasting before the game is played

  4. Love football says:

    So u used non English referee to reach the FA final? Hypocrisy

  5. Peter says:

    alonso was a bad stater, and capa

  6. Bitrus Ali says:

    why TT didn’t use Mendy ?

  7. Charles G Bryant says:

    I think it was the goal keeper also.
    he neede to be under the bar

  8. charles says:

    I think kepa also.

  9. ogega says:

    This was chelsea’s fate.period.

  10. kyle says:

    Any so called Chelsea fans giving Reece a bit of stick,well they are not ‘real’ Chelsea fans,Reece was MOTM no doubts,and the pass which He is getting shit from was a handball,so all the ‘fake’ Chelsea fans can do one we dont need you.

    1. Jono says:

      Agree with you 100%. James has been the most underrated consistent player this season. He does what he is supposed to for the team. So yes only real Chelsea fans know what is what.

  11. Makhol aguer says:

    TT woukd have to make the start of mateo kovacic

  12. Krayzee says:

    Why blaming james
    what such a useless goalkeeper,kepa should leave after dis season

  13. kepha says:

    my strong loose is when I show kepa at the goal post .

  14. Steve Turner says:

    Reece James was immense for the majority of the match, he didn’t cost us, Ziyech was very poor, Werner a vastly more experienced player, continually makes wrong decisions,

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