Major problems for Man United as they match unwanted record from 1962 after Fulham draw

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It’s easy to get bogged down in ifs and buts, but you have to wonder how the title race would’ve gone if Man United were able to do the basics when it comes to defending

Perhaps they would’ve still fallen short, but it’s much more likely that their last few games would’ve meant something if they could stop throwing points away.

Their game against Fulham tonight was the perfect example of where they keep going wrong – they took the lead and dominated, but they couldn’t take any of their chances to kill the game off and eventually drew after giving up another goal from a ball into the box where nobody tracked the late run.

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They often get away with it because of how effective they are in attack, but this stat highlights the major problem they’ve had at home this year:

It’s possible that the lack of fans has taken away that big advantage and perhaps they will be different next year if they can sign a new centre back and Old Trafford is intimidating again, but it’s something that needs to be addressed urgently.

Opposing teams will soon believe that they are going to get some easy chances every time they head to Old Trafford if this trend continues, and the fact that it’s their worst record at home since 1962 shows how bad it’s been.

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  1. man utd stupid team
    how can you loose two matches at home and still draw again at home
    really really stupid team

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