Photo: Bizarre behaviour from Israel star Eran Zahavi as he edits photo of Paul Pogba with Palestine flag

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There might not be many things that the world can be united on, but generally speaking it does feel like the majority of the human race don’t see the bombing of innocent people and children as a good thing.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has intensified in recent weeks with a horrible amount of Palestine deaths being recorded, but there’s an issue where seemingly condemning Israel for the attacks is seen as anti-Semitic.

We’ve seen footballers using their platform to show support for Palestine over the past few days, and this was the scenes at Old Trafford tonight as Paul Pogba and Amad Diallo made their feelings clear:

It’s not taken long for this to surface from Israel star Eran Zahavi, but he’s demonstrated some downright bizarre behaviour as he’s photoshopped the images to show the flag of his homeland before thanking them for their support:

If the only way you can generate international support is to produce badly photoshopped and frankly embarrassing photos then alarm bells have to be ringing, and it’s not really clear what he expected this to achieve.

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