Video: The moment Lionel Messi turned ‘Mr. Humour’ at the Camp Nou in hilarious comedy routine

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With the season winding down towards it’s end, now’s as good a time as any to revisit the moment that Barcelona great Lionel Messi turned into ‘Mr. Humour’ for a comedy routine at the Camp Nou.

Messi made an appearance on old Argentinian comedy programme Showmatch, which seems to be from 2005, when the legend in the making was just 18 years old.

Joined by a brilliant presenter named ‘El Gran DT’ (The Great DT), Messi came out in a wild print shirt, massive gold chain and a blonde wig – which covered his curly long hair at the time.

Messi was behind some cheesy punchlines. The first of Messi’s quips was a response to the question ‘Juan runs less, and Pinino?’.

The forward replied with ‘Mas’, the the surname of ex-footballer Oscar ‘Pinino’ Mas, with ‘Mas’ meaning ‘more’ in Spanish.

After that, Messi was asked ‘Ernesto cuts the grass, and Turu?’ to which he replied with ‘Flores’, the surname of ex-pro Jose ‘Turu’ which literally means ‘flowers’.

Messi saved his best punchline for last, but this time he did the questioning, he asked DT ‘Famous football player whose last name is an affirming sheep?’

Messi stared down into the camera, whilst also sporting black glasses at this point and reeled of ‘Meeh.ssi’ in a hilarious rendition of the GOAT he was destine to become.

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Here’s the full video:

It’s a real shame that we’ve not been able to see this side of Messi more often since he thrusted into superstardom and became one of the best players in the history of the beautiful game.

For those that think they’ve seen it all from Messi, this is essential viewing.

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