“Get this stinker out my club” – These Chelsea fans want star to leave after horrible showing vs Aston Villa

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It’s always interesting to see how players can drift in and out of favour, but it did look like Jorginho had fully established himself as one of the key starters under Thomas Tuchel.

The team had a nightmare today against Aston Villa so Jorginho wasn’t the only player on the pitch who had a shocker, but he did concede the penalty that effectively killed the game.

He’s an interesting player to watch because a lot of the good things that he can do aren’t immediately noticeable or flashy, so he won’t get a ton of credit when he does play well but it’s extra noticeable when he doesn’t have a good time.

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The loss against Villa today meant that their top four hopes fell on Crystal Palace or Spurs doing them a favour, and it was Spurs who managed to produce a late comeback against Leicester which means Chelsea do limp towards UCL football next year.

It’s expected that there will be a sizeable turnover in the Chelsea squad this summer, and these fans want Jorginho to be one of the players who do move on.


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  1. We need a reliable striker.Jorginho and Korvacic mistakes would ny have been viscible if we had a good finish.we are currently good but blunt.we must bring a true striker.

  2. Jorginho has to go. The sooner the better. He should have gone long time ago with Sarri. Side passing and back passing doesn’t make you a great player…

  3. i have said it often . kante and mount are the only quality midfielders at chelsea.
    chelsea has zero quality strikers
    All boils down to poor scouting and purchases after the departure of emenalo. in the past 8 yrs only kante and mendy are not flops. the rest- barkley, drinkwater, jorginho, kovacic, babayoko, kepa, chilwell, werner etc are waste of money

  4. cant assist , mark, split defences and score goals. truely speaking chelsea should get rid of at least 6 or 7 of these dead wood

    1. Thiago is a good and experience defender, is experience is what Chelsea needs
      Werner is not that bad, atleast it is first season with Chelsea, it is not easy for a German to play england football and excel in the first season, atleast he scored 12 goals, 14 assist 8 penalties won and he was involved in 34 goals in all competition for Chelsea this season. Just give him next season and see, be fore you judge

  5. I don’t know y tuchel considers him as a good midfielder, some thing must be done to save Chelsea from struggling players such as the two.

  6. Its funny that anyone would insult jorginho and even kovacic dis season.. Kovacic has bn a machine for us dis season and played well today if we saw d same game.
    Only problem we have is our wastefulness in front of goal.we need a striker dat can score goals.
    I think tammy abraham would have done better than playing a false nine.
    Werner’s speed is useless against defensive teams,so hervertz or abraham would have mde more sense,best bet abraham.
    We need to pay all it takes to get Harry kane.
    Also seriously bid for aguero

  7. Play mount and kante in midfield, bun jorginho and kovacic, sell them both and use the money from that all towards kane or aguero, or possibly lukaku, kovacic has scored 1 goal for us since he joined, zouma scored more this season alone and hes a defender and has hardly played since frank left, theyre both awful and we need the money off them for a striker.

    1. Kovacic is better than Jorginho, sometime Kovacic look bad when played with Jorginho
      All these problems are caused by lack of competent striker who can score almost every game and land 20+ goals per season. Buy Kane or Haaland

  8. We were not taking our chances to discourage opponents. We play nice football but we are not scoring.

  9. I think what we need is creative mildfielders who also have eye for goals, I can’t remember when last any of our so called mildfielders scores or assist. They r just there dribbling for nothing or doing back pass. Look at man City everybody is very composed in front of goals

  10. Up chelsea,those people insulting our mid fielders and striker wanner they are not chelsea fans,instead chelsea hand fan,next season gona be tougher,all the best blues

  11. Chelsea boss should stop playing james as a winger let james play position 2 as a back depender with a limited move ahead and kovaci will start the game alongside kante and mount jojinho will playin as an imagency player incase of any injury in the mide

  12. Jorginho have no chance in Chelsea again let him find a team that suite he’s play not in Chelsea, Chelsea is bigger than Jorjinho

  13. Jorginho shouldn’t be in the team, he is useless, can’t run, he doesn’t shoot to score, can’t tackle all he does is passing the ball back.

  14. Somebody tell all of these abject losers that toothless, purposeless ballet dancing around with the ball is not what football is about.
    painful to watch. can’t think what city will do to them real soon.
    how long do i need to watch Werner destroying opportunities and the team’s morale.
    done with Chelsea, after 20 years

  15. Please Kovacic and Kante should always be paired in the midfield and not Jorginho in the mix, cos he’s always prone to error especially when kepa keeps in goal-post…Jorginho and kepa shud be sold for prolific strikers to come in please!!!

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