Rio Ferdinand sends message to Wolves fans who were thrown out of Molineux for racially abusing him during game vs Man United

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We can all agree that having fans back in football grounds has been magnificent over the past couple of weeks, but as is always the case there will be a couple of morons who ruin it for everyone else.

One of the most troubling trends during the past season has been the rise of racists on social media who are emboldened by hiding behind a screen to send abuse to various players and pundits.

Unfortunately we saw an incident at Molineux today where a couple of Wolves fans were thrown out for making racist gestures at Rio Ferdinand, and you do have to commend him for his response to this:

The problem with this is we all know that the pair would absolutely brick it if they met him in person and there’s no chance they would do anything of the sort if the target was remotely close to them and able to react.

Ferdinand is spot-on when he talks about them needing to be educated and going to football is a privilege, so there’s no reason for them to be allowed back into the ground again, especially when you know there are so many Wolves fans who would’ve given so much to be at that game today.

There has also been an update from someone on Twitter claiming that an arrest has been made, so let’s hope they get a big dose of reality with some real-life repercussions: