Video: Jack Grealish produces a shameful reaction to get Chelsea star Cesar Azpilicueta sent off vs Aston Villa

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Most of the time with simulation we talk about there being contact, but it really should come down to whether the reaction of one player is actually in line with the contact that happened.

In the end this won’t matter too much because Chelsea limped into a top four place, but this could’ve been a much bigger deal in other circumstances:

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If you’re a neutral then there’s plenty of entertainment value here and Jack Grealish is usually box-office in one way or the other, but this is pretty shameful stuff as the contact is minimal.

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  1. Let someone poke you in the eye and see what you do. It’s not like he went to hospital. He just panicked for a second. Rules are rules. Muppet.

  2. What are you talking about… useless headline. He was deliberately wacked in the face. Not an accident, he hot out. That is 100% a red card in today’s game

  3. If this had happened to a Chelsea player he would have been stretchered off. Rules are rules mate.

  4. That ‘Chelsea Star’ you referenced in your headline lamped somebody in the head. How about you remove your Chelsea propaganda and change dthe headline to ‘bad tempered Chelsea thug lamps villa star in head’

  5. Go job JG is not a boxer or MMA fighter. He would last 3 sec. Shameful. Disgrace. Especially when he is held in such high regards around the country for being of England’s finest and a role model. Some role model.

  6. 10 out of 10 Jack greenish you out to be an actor should get job of an actor instead of footballer never no you might get an Oscar

  7. The Chelsea defender was wrong in his actions but grealish should have been sent off as well for all that simulation u would get a harder slap of a 2 year old it’s time to send off all divers and conn artist

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