Video: Mind-blowing hypocrisy from Man United manager Solskjaer as he complains about lack of Premier League help after ESL shambles

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It’s been interesting to watch the reaction of the teams who tried to split away from the Premier League to join the ESL a few weeks ago, as we all knew that the timid apology stance wouldn’t last forever.

Many of their own fans are yet to forgive them for trying to walk out on the Premier League where it would ruin football as we know it, but it now looks like Man United are straight back to the selfish behaviour that most of the top clubs exhibit.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer spoke about the timing of United’s game against Wolves today due to the upcoming Europa League final, and it appears he feels the league should’ve helped them out by moving it forward:

It’s worth pointing out here that there was nothing riding on this game for United so they were able to rest everyone, and they took the chance to do just that so it has minimal impact on their preparations for the final.

What is much more troubling is them even thinking about having the temerity to complain about a lack of support when they were 100% willing to screw everyone over for their own benefit, so it’s probably best to just shut up about that for a while and get on with things.

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  1. Such horrible article. Haven’t read something that useless for ages sir.
    You’re mixing PL and UEFA and ESL. Are you even trained journalist?

  2. you guys alway twisted every hing out.
    I hate the ESL idea, but club never wnt to snub EPl should that Condemned ESl become reality…

  3. this is the worst article i’ve ever read. Ole wasn’t even involved in the ESL decision making.

  4. I think he makes a fair point! Ole complained about fixture congestion when it was the Man Utd protestors who got their game postponed, he complained about the journalists ‘bias’ on the ESL stories upsetting his players and despite throwing the game against Leicester with a much weakened team, he complained that his squad were tired after his Liverpool gamble backfired. He has a nothing game that is ALWAYS played at the same time as every other game on the last day of the season but he still wants special treatment? Grow a pair, stop moaning and giving your equally moaning fans another excuse to fill responses here with more Woe is Us responses.

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