“Please get out of my club” – These Man United fans want ace sold as he costs them in a big European game again

Man United’s problems have been pretty clear for some time, but they continue to persevere with some average defenders that undermine the rest of the squad.

They are at their best when they can get in front and force the opposition to come out, but they have an awful habit of conceding cheap goals and it just kills the game plan.

It means the opponent can simply sit behind the ball in the knowledge that United will struggle to break them down, and it’s happened again in the Europa League final tonight.

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Victor Lindelof has looked like a weak link for a while, and it was he who was at fault as he lost his man for a simple set-piece goal as Moreno ran past him and knocked the cross home.

It’s hurt the team for years and it’s one of the biggest reasons why they haven’t won silverware lately, and these fans want to see some serious change this summer:

Even if they do turn this around it won’t be lost on many fans that he was at fault last year when they lost to Sevilla and it looks like they may lose again because of him, and it’s reached a point where something simply has to be done.

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  1. Susan Harks says:

    Agree but the whole team is sleeping

  2. Samson says:

    Yes this shows why utd should sign stars like sancho who are game changers. Utd something have to be done fast.

    1. Aaron says:

      We should’ve have seen the game through, I dont think Sancho would’ve made much of a difference, I blame Ole for costing us the final, but then again he wasn’t backed in the summer, so ultimately it’s the Glazer’s and Woodward who are to blame.

  3. macca says:

    get rashford out waste of timr

    1. Deela says:

      absolutely agree. He was worse than Lindelof. He will not get better either. What a genius the manager is! no subs for 90 mins when you have 5 available!!! He tries to be too smart.

    2. Nagraj says:

      He’s absolutely crap but he won’t get an iota of criticism as he’s English and if he does, then its all racism

    3. niyi says:

      Get Rashford out of the team…he is just playing nonsense football…like kid’s…is that how Sancho play or Foden… Rashford can not even dribble a play…and the Coach still play him why playing stupid football for the team…De Gea record in front of penalty is bad…and u still keep him their that a good Coach…when u have someone that can catch a penalties for the team….he is now saying I stick with him….just imagine what the hell is saying….Ole is using sentiment on this team…let dem kick him out….And please reduce the salary of De gae…u still keep on paying him huge salary…kick him out,let someone else like donnoranuna,oblak,onana,Sommer,even come nd keeper for the team….

    4. Your mum says:

      Rashford is playing with fatigue and injuries moron.

  4. benson maina says:

    David kills united

  5. benson maina says:

    maguie is the missing goat

  6. Anyanwu Collins says:

    Man u problem is that idiotic coach

    1. Israel says:

      My brother God will bless you for that statement the coach is so foolish and not worthy to be managing man u

      1. Remmy O ETum says:

        So amateur a coach we got down there…how do you keep David with the worst penalty record in goal after sensing things going sour..?

    2. KeefyT says:


  7. Kelvin Riach says:

    I had a bad feeling with seeing De Gea was in goal tonight. This blunder (soft kick) Will not be forgiven any time soon by the fans. He and Pogba should pack up their kitbag and along with their ego. Go,go, go

  8. Udo says:

    Rashford,lindelolf and that coach from Norway should leave man u now.

  9. Cruz says:

    Dat bastard dat called him self should b sacked immediately pls

  10. Tony says:

    Get rashford out of the tim,he cost us to loss the cup

  11. Tony says:

    That coach is an idiot for gud 90min no sub nd he saw the rubbish rashford was playing,two of them together with lindalof need to leave the team for us

  12. Yaks says:

    That is what u get from an average that doesn’t know how to encourage his players to play football….. Nonsense Coach and Lazy players!

  13. Ojok stephen says:

    It has reached the time to offload that center back beacause of weakness

  14. Barka Samuel says:

    Useless player like rashford cost man u

  15. borne benefit says:

    Rasford no longer deserves man u bcose he is fake.

    1. Emmanuel says:

      I love Rashford, but he’s nut!

  16. Delano says:

    Man u will remain like this if they don’t get a better coach.

  17. Leo says:

    I’m not suprise that united lost the trophy, but i’ll be suprised if ole remain the head coach next season

  18. Bonface says:

    It s so bad to fight to get in the final and they are other bastartd who have no idea he is playing a final game rash lindelolf & ole , focus or get out.

  19. Daniels says:

    Conte is available now..
    Sack that bastard coach… 😭😭

  20. Patience you says:

    Rashford is a useless player, so how he made me shade tears this night 😫😭😭😭😭

  21. Patience says:

    Rashford is a useless player, so how he made me shade tears this night 😫😭😭😭😭

  22. Amadu says:

    Ole must be sacked, at all cost.He did it to Romero and now Henderson, every time he uses De Gea Man utd keep on loosing matches.we have lost 4 semi finals and a final all in the name of De Gea,so please Ole is not learning anything.For that reason he need to be SACKED

  23. Lawrence says:

    Please bring Sancho,verane and grelish or Kane because we can not win silvery with Rashford,linderlof Fred,we need to compete with man City

  24. Pandhiswaran says:

    MU a great team by its name and history but now a team full of ” highly paid lazy ” players.
    Solkjer better go, please.
    Really humiliating.

  25. Daniel Boakai says:

    Old, De gea and rashford should leave the club, let zidane take over

  26. Promise e says:

    De gea must leave our club, he’s just too stupid to cause man u a lose.

  27. Richardlison says:

    Get all that f*** players outside man united,,,we need to be smart in final not to be dolling,,,f**** 😡😡😡

  28. Prince says:

    Not him RASHFORD cost us to loss English people is RASHFORD and ole call them and leave the young boy

  29. Jimraenmanuel says:

    Pls n pls man u fans take heart,it’s football anything is possible we loss today doesn’t mean we will loss again tomorrow so let’s pray for better tomorrow

  30. RyeRamessur says:

    Ole, Radford, lindslof, bailly, pogba must be given kick and throw in a dustbin. They r useless.

  31. Praise says:

    Conte Allegri zidane 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 man utd broad please sack this man called ole man utd can’t win any trophy with him please l beg sack 😭😭😭😭😭

  32. KABIR says:


  33. Blueeyed Blonde says:

    How many goals have ManU concealed from freekicks or Corners? It has really been the achilles heel of the team this season

  34. NEWMAN says:

    De Gea is the cost every thin

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