Omens point to a Chelsea victory tonight as Man City need to overcome brutal seven game run

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Believing in omens will often come down to how well they reflect on your team, but this is one interesting stat that suggests Chelsea do have history on their side going into the Champions League final tonight:

City have had an excellent season and they completely deserve their place in the final, but the players will also know that history can be made tonight and that pressure can manifest in different ways.

There is one major difference between tonight’s game and those previous seven debutants, as you can point to City being the favourites to win tonight and that wasn’t the case in those other games.

From the debutants in that stat, Valencia and Bayer Leverkusen were beaten by an excellent Real Madrid side, while Barcelona took down Arsenal in 2006 with another very strong side.

Spurs and Chelsea were defeated by excellent Liverpool and Man United teams and PSG lost to an outstanding Bayern Munich side last season so it was only Monaco against Porto that stands out as one where both teams were given an even chance.

That’s not the same tonight as Man City have the better players and Chelsea have endured a worrying end to their season when you look at the results against Leicester City and Aston Villa, so there’s every chance that Pep Guardiola and his team will break the streak.


  1. It has been written that our path to the final is very similar to our win nine years ago, but here is another fact in our favour that has not been mentioned. 2012 —just turn two figures 2021

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