Chelsea to sign defensive midfielder this summer as club plot move for long-standing target

Chelsea hope to sign a defensive midfielder this summer, with Declan Rice a long-standing target, according to the Daily Mail.

The Blues yesterday won the Champions League, with a starting midfield duo of N’Golo Kante and Jorginho, who were later joined by substitute Mateo Kovacic.

Few clubs on the planet are fortunate enough to boast such riches in that area of the field, but it’s not sufficient for Chelsea, as per the Daily Mail.

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Declan Rice celebrates a goal for West Ham

The report claims that Chelsea are hoping to add a natural defensive midfielder to their ranks, something they do not have at current. Declan Rice’s name has come up again.

Rice was heavily linked with a return to his boyhood Chelsea while Frank Lampard was in charge, but the Daily Mail suggest that he could be a club target as much as he was a Lampard one.

Chelsea’s interest in the England international still appears to exist, even under new management. It remains to be seen how much West Ham would demand in exchange for him, their prized asset.

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  1. Mojen says:

    Caught offside repeating its self again. Repeating someone elses story who probably repeated that from someone else ! Declan Rice will be going nowhere for the foreseeable future. He is not for sale and wont be this summer. Suggest IF TRUE the arrogance of the article needs to be addressed. Assuming just because Chelsea are interested west ham will sell. No chance. They wont be as lucky as a certain final. New article tomorrow ? Getting ridiculous last week it was manure. Pathetic.

    1. Masely says:

      Why are you ranting? The article stated that it remains to be seen if West Ham will sell and for how much, if they will. It never suggested “just because Chelsea are interested west ham will sell”. It appears you are terrified at the prospect of losing your most valuable player to a bigger club but common, nothing here suggests West Ham will sell. The article only reported Chelsea’s current and past interest in the midfielder. There’s no arrogance here, you are just showing signs of inferiority complex – worried that your player will not be able to turn down a move to Chelsea. Who would? Take Ben Chilwell as an example: won the UCL in his first season, the probability would have been much lower if he was at Leicester City and every player knows this. I’m sure that will be at the back of Rice’s head too when he has to decide his future. Having said that, it depends on West Ham. If the player decides to ask for a move, it remains to be seen how much they will demand.

      1. mojen says:

        Wont be going to Chelsea.and youre a bigger club are you ? Funny a lot of people may disagree. Money doesnt make you bigger. Maybe more arrogant ?

    2. Stephen says:

      I can feel your pain. It’s tangible

      1. mojen says:

        Thankyou for your “concern”. i have no pain as you put it. Rice will be at West Ham for the forseeable . You may have noticed Chelsea or for that matter any other club have not said anything re Rice. The press however have plenty to say ad nauseam. For nearly 2 years. And Rice is still at West Ham. Funny that “again” Im afraid the person before you seem to have the pain as he was trying everything to convince himself about the bigness of Chelsea. Now why is that ? As i said money is no measure.

  2. Mojen says:

    Chelsea to sign defensive midfielder re Rice. The headline. Article more arrogant than I thought. And disrespectful to west ham who have said hes not for sale. Would be disrespectful to any club who have not put a player up for sale. Gets worse.

  3. Martin Willis says:

    why always Rice, Ben White does what Rice can, maybe even better, we know he can defend and play midfield. his young, English, comfortable in the Prem and half the price. Can’t believe half the prem clubs are not chasing him.

  4. Mike James says:

    Agree we won’t be signing him and don’t need him. How would be improve the Chelsea first 11? Not at all. Maybe for 35m – 40M or so as a backup but he’s not worth more and Would only be a squad player

  5. mojen says:

    Really ? Dont think so . Rice will be there for a while yet. Sorry. What you need to realise is Chelsea have not said a thing re Rice. Now the media thats a different matter. They just keep repeating the same thing. 2years now give or take. And Rice is still at West Ham. Funny that again. Im afraid it was the arrogant article before you. That that implied he was the desparate one.

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