Raiola’s game of brinksmanship with AC Milan over Donnarumma has backfired spectacularly

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He’s known as one of the best ‘super agents’ in the business, but he’s also one of the most ruthless.

Mino Raiola undoubtedly has as many enemies as friends, if not more so, but his clients can’t deny that he always appears to be able to get them the best deals.

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Until now.

AC Milan keeper, Gianluigi Donnarumma, has been a long time client of Raiola’s, but the agent’s game of brinksmanship over a new contract for the world-class keeper has backfired spectacularly.

To the extent where, according to the Daily Mirror, the 22-year-old could be without a club next season.

Gianluigi Donnarumma gives orders while captaining AC Milan

If Raiola’s negotiating stance was designed to put pressure on Milan to up their contract offer to Donnarumma, the club have stolen his thunder and refused to pay the game, even going as far as to bid the keeper farewell.

The issue now facing Raiola is no clubs appear to be willing to meet the figures he wants for the custodian, meaning that in little over a month, Donnarumma could be twiddling his thumbs and wondering what might’ve been, all because of his agent’s greed.

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  1. Manchester united should pls get donnaruma deal done is he degea and handerson we are talking to champions league. Then oblak as a replacement with good defence line pau torres milenkovic konde and bossuma halland or harry Kane and raphinah man u pls sell those players u are not using pls pls pls pls pls

    1. It’s obvious Man utd doesn’t have money hence can’t buy more than 3 players. Ole may have a maximum AMT of 100 to 150 pounds.

  2. I blame Donnarumma entirely and squarely for letting himself being manipulated by such a greedy agent. In the final analysis, he screwed himself!

  3. Ciao Dollar and hopefully Allegri says no to him also. They said Juve wouldnt offer what he was on at milan… Well done Raola you stronso… good riddance Dollar.

  4. I really love him but he chooses his agent over the club and no one is bigger than the club I wish him good luck cos he really tried for but at the end MILAN matters.

  5. So basically he is going to get less cash and end up on a team banned from the CL…LOL great job Raiola

  6. The Rossoneri’s owners and management are to be applauded for standing up to all this. Special thanks to Maldini too and the very wise words and straight no nonsense talking from Sacchi. Wow. Hopefully the pendulum has now swung the other way and agents will think twice when advising players to, in a sense, be contract rebels.

  7. Mino Riola would always play God,thanks to milan for setting the pace toward ending this gruelsome greed ,other top clients should follow suit and end the ensuing sporting fraud thats capable of destroying football transfer market.

  8. Soonest his players will be frustrated in european market ,they better stop him before he stop them ruining their career through his personal greed.

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