“I have a lot of affection for him” Carlo Ancelotti opens the door for sensational Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid return

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Signing Cristiano Ronaldo was the logical short-term gamble for Juventus as they looked for a true superstar to build around, while it was also expected that he might be the difference between winning the Champions League or not.

In the end, he wasn’t able to deliver that success in Europe, while the inevitable has happened where they are questioning if he’s worth the large salary and his age means that a successor will need to be found.

In many ways, the surprise won’t actually be Juventus letting him go this summer but more any team actually deciding to pay the money to bring him in, but a return to Real Madrid could be pretty sensational.

ABC have reported on Carlo Ancelotti’s recent press conference, and the topic of Ronaldo and a return was raised.

Obviously he’s not going to commit to any transfer dealings in a press conference, but this answer is much more open than you would expect and he doesn’t exactly say no…

“I have a lot of affection for him, but I can’t talk about him because he belongs to Juventus.”

It’s really not what Real need as the squad is packed full of veteran players and an infusion of youth is desperately needed, but it would be fascinating to see it happen.



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  1. In 2018 Juve were Double (Scudetto & Coppa Italia) winners and had the year before reached a CL final
    In 2018 Juve were no 9 on Forbes Top 10 list for Most Valuable Clubs
    In 2018 Juve were competitive på sportingwise & financially…

    Then Ronaldo was bought, to win the CL.

    In 2021 Juve barely made the Top 4 in Serie A, thanks to 1 (one!) Goal (= Veronas vs Napoli) in the very last round, allthough doing their own bit by trashing Bologna 1
    -4 in a game where Ronaldo was benched for the entire match.
    Crashing out (like the year before) in the round of 16 in CL
    In 2021 Juve also crashed out of Forbes Top 10 list -at no 11, being overtaken by Tottenham, worth more than 350 US$ more at no 10 & PSG worth more than 550 US$ (more than 1/2 a billion!) more at no 9, and they werent even on the list in 2018 (but they bought Neymar).
    In 2021 Juve aren’t competitive sportingwise or financially…

    Thank you Ronaldo…

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