Copa America 2021 could now be cancelled as Brazilian stars refuse to participate

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It still seems crazy to have international teams flying around the world during a pandemic, while it’s even worse if a major tournament is going to be played without having stadiums packed with fans.

The Copa America has already suffered a major shift as it was due to be hosted by Argentina and Colombia, but both countries have since been stripped of hosting it – Colombia due to public protest issues and Argentina because of ongoing health problems and covid-19 cases rising.

The major flaw in that logic was exposed when the tournament is now set to be hosted in Brazil instead – a country that is also having some major issues trying to deal with the pandemic so it’s understandably caused a lot of anger.

Reports are now emerging which indicate the Brazilian squad aren’t happy with the whole process either, and they are now thinking about not playing at all:

If the biggest stars like Messi and Neymar don’t play then there’s also going to be pressure from sponsors to postpone it and it could become a real mess, so you have to think the tournament being cancelled is now a genuine possibility.