‘Pipe down’ – These England fans are none too impressed by Gary Lineker’s love-in with Trent Alexander-Arnold

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We’ll be seeing a lot less of Gary Lineker on our screens for the coming season, and judging by his recent dip in popularity, that move can’t come too soon.

Lineker has become a bit ‘marmite’ as a presenter, viewers really do seem to love him or hate him.

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After his recent tweet about Liverpool star, Trent Alexander-Arnold’s injury, one that ruled the player out of the European Championship, it’s fair to say that most people are in the latter camp.

Trent Alexander-Arnold injured for England vs Austria

Whether it’s his sycophantic style of presenting or his opinion that generally gets people’s backs up isn’t clear, though some clearly didn’t appreciate his view that Trent was the best right-back in the world.

To be fair to the player, his injury is ill-timed and a great disappointment for him personally, but for the most part of the 2020/21 campaign he’s not even been the best right-back in the Premier League.

These fans clearly believe that’s the case too.

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