Taking the knee losing significance as England players to discuss stopping protests

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There’s just over a week until the European Championship begins, and it appears that Gareth Southgate has much more than team selection on his mind in the England camp.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the coach will sit down with his players to discuss whether they wish to continue taking the knee as a form of protest against the racist element that clearly exists within the fan base.

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That’s likely to be a difficult conversation to have, given how many black players there are in the England squad.

However, the situation would appear to need addressing again after the players were met with a chorus of loud boos when taking the knee before the recent friendly against Austria.

Gareth Southgate will discuss taking a knee in future matches with his players

There’s clearly a feeling of the protest perhaps losing its significance, albeit the racists will believe they’ve won if, ultimately, the players decide against taking the knee in future matches.

Banning supporters who boo from stadiums is the FA’s latest standpoint according to the Daily Telegraph, though that’s unlikely to assuage many who are fed up with having to deal with such outdated attitudes on a daily basis.

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