Video: Transfer expert explains why Arsenal are struggling to sign their targets

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Arsenal’s difficult start to the summer transfer window has been explained by journalist Dean Jones.

Watch the video below as Jones tells The Done Deal Show that the Gunners are being forced to alter their plans slightly due to a difficulty in bringing in the players who have been their long-term targets.

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Arsenal’s decline in the last couple of years now means it’s no longer easy for them to attract the kind of names they had been focusing on, with Jones pointing out how much of a worry it is for the Gunners that Emi Buendia chose to join Aston Villa over them…

Jones mentions Yves Bissouma and Ruben Neves as possible options for Arsenal, but still expresses some doubts over whether or not the north Londoners can definitely be confident about getting them in.

It could be a very, very long summer for Arsenal.

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  1. What a pile of rubbish!!! Arsenal have not declined as much as you ignorant so called football writers think.

    Kreonke is stingy, he is blocking the necessity for adequate funds to buy players, he needs to leave or give Edu and Arteta the money to buy their targets.

    Arsenal can still attract top class players, it’s the transfer policy holding Arsenal back.

  2. This bloke is a complete tool and just want people to watch his crappy video!!

    If Arsenal are so much in decline then why were they approached to join the new Super League?!?!? Don’t get me wrong I am was not an advocate of that comp, but it does show our standing in European football.

    This whole joke over Buendia is laughable, we may not even been in for him, but as we need players everyone including my Nan is joining us.

    Perhaps we pretended to be interested as we like to keep our targets close our chest.


  3. What a muppet!! Which targets have Arsenal missed out on ?
    Thats genuine targets we’ve tried to sign not the one that this tool and others like him claimed Arsenal were attempting to sign.
    Theres not one confirmation from any of the parties involved to show Arsenal have made any bid for any player.
    Just because some self claimed experts publish online stories about who Arsenal are trying to sign it doesn’t make them true.
    In fact regarding one such recent transfer one “expert” is now back tracking by admitting he could find no reliable source to confirm Arsenal ever made an offer

  4. Buendia obviously thought Villa a better fit; they are lower down the league and expectations will be lower of him.

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