Barcelona turned down in shock transfer for European legend over playing time fears

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Players are generally able to play for longer these days due to the advance of sports science, but there’s no doubt that Gigi Buffon is an absolute outlier as he’s still going strong at 43.

His return to Juventus has been a tad underwhelming as he was the backup keeper, but it does look like he still want to go for at least one more season somewhere else.

He’ll know his playing days are counting down so surely he’ll want to go somewhere that actually gives him a chance to play, and that’s why it’s been reported that he’s turned down the chance to sign for Barcelona next season.

It’s a link that’s come from absolutely nowhere and there’s little doubt that it would’ve been a great thing to see, but he’s also never going to replace Marc-Andre ter Stegen so he would barely play.

His age means he’s now a year-to-year proposition and any club that does sign him will have to see him as nothing more than a stop-gap signing for one season, but it’s suggested he still has several other offers to explore so hopefully he does have at least one more season playing at the top level.

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