Andy Robertson and Stevie Clark confirm Scotland will unite with England and take the knee in Euro 2020

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It’s been thoroughly depressing to see some of the reaction around football lately as a certain group of people are doing all they can to cause division when it comes to something that should unite everyone – the fight against racism.

There’s inevitably going to be headlines and discussions over the next few weeks as the national sides in EURO 2020 will have their own way of displaying that message, while we will no doubt get treated to another set of buzzwords as those crying about “marxism” have largely been found out to be utterly clueless and simply parroting something they’ve heard online.

The game between Scotland and England is obviously going to be tasty due to the rivalry between the nations, but it appears we will get a solid moment of unity on the pitch:

The SFA initially said the team wouldn’t kneel but the statements there from Robertson and Clark are spot on when it comes to the fight against racism and ignorance, so it should be a powerful moment.


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