Christian Eriksen update: Positive medical update emerges after awful scenes between Finland and Denmark

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You can always tell everything you need to know from how players react on the field, and the reaction of the players and the ref during the Finland vs Denmark game this evening demonstrated that Christian Eriksen was in a bad way.

He just seemed to collapse as the ball was thrown in towards him, and immediately you could tell that something truly dreadful had happened, and it just kept getting worse and worse as the cameras kept rolling and even lingered on a shot of his devastated wife at one point which was just beyond unbelievable.

Obviously, the game was immediately abandoned to allow the medical attention to be given to Eriksen, and thankfully it does look like he left the stadium conscious and that’s all everyone wanted to hear at this stage.

The actual game really isn’t important after this and you could see the players from both sides were completely traumatised by what happened, but thankfully it appears that Eriksen is alive and his health and recovery is the only important thing here.




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