Denmark captain Simon Kjaer’s decisive actions that helped Christian Eriksen following his collapse

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It’s one of those games that the world won’t forget for dreadful reasons, but some of the Denmark players are rightfully taking a ton of praise for their actions following the collapse of Christian Eriksen this afternoon.

It’s been confirmed that he’s now in hospital and he seem to be stable and able to talk so it’s the best possible news, and the game even restarted to the surprise of many.

It’s hard to forget just how harrowing that footage was after the incident happened as it just lingered on the dreadful scenes for far too long.

There’s often a debate about the captaincy role in football and what it’s really meant to entail, but this is just wonderful stuff from Simon Kjaer:

The main thing about leadership is responding to a crisis and being the one to take decisive actions when it all goes wrong, and you just have to worry about what could’ve happened if everyone didn’t react outstandingly to this.

Kjaer seems like the kind of guy who won’t seek credit for this and you just get the impression that the whole squad act as a team, but they do deserve hero status for what happened earlier.

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