These football fans react to “vile” TV coverage of tragic Christian Eriksen scenes

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It always takes a horrible moment to unite the sporting world, but hopefully, it looks like the incident with Christian Eriksen today hasn’t ended in absolute tragedy.

Of course he’s going to need some time to recover and there will inevitably be speculation about his playing future, but the only thing that matters here is that he’s okay and that he’s able to make as full a recovery as possible.

The overwhelming reaction from every fan has to be relief, but that relief is only enhanced by some genuinely disturbing work from the TV coverage as they lingered far too long on the events.

As a viewer if the coverage keeps rolling you start to think that it can’t be that bad, but when you start getting shots of his wife crying, fans looking ashen-faced and in floods of tears and some traumatized players then it’s obvious that it was very serious indeed.

Some of that relief is also complimented by some genuine anger, and a lot of fans want answers as to who thought that TV coverage was even close to being acceptable:

The coverage in the UK eventually cut to the studio where you could see that the pundits just had nothing they could add to that moment because it was so harrowing, and it’s clear that questions need to be answered by those who were behind the TV feed.


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