NFL star Tom Brady speaks out on Cristiano Ronaldo row over Coca-Cola incident

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It’s always tough to compare the best players across different sports, but Tom Brady may not be edging towards a similarity with Cristiano Ronaldo rather than Lionel Messi after he moved to win a championship with another franchise.

There’s nothing to suggest Brady and Ronaldo are particularly close or have had much interaction in the past, but Brady was quick to speak out in defence of the Portugal star after the recent incident with the Coca-Cola bottles in a press conference:

There are bottles of cola in display in press conferences for the Euros as part of a sponsorship deal, but Cristiano Ronaldo was trying to send a message that drinking water is much better for you than fizzy drinks.

Perhaps it was the message to drink water that grabbed Brady’s attention, as he’s notorious for having a crazy diet that includes drinking up to 37 glasses of water a day, 

There is always the potential for some fallout from the sponsor but in reality most fans don’t watch the press conferences and the bottle of coke may have gone unnoticed, but now everyone is talking about it so it’s probably worked out well for Coca-Cola in a weird way.

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