Photo: Sky Sports accused of throwing their toys out of the pram with Billy Gilmour rating after England fail to defeat Scotland

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We could all see that England expected to simply turn up at Wembley and give Scotland a thumping last night, but it didn’t happen for a variety of reasons.

Scotland played well and Stevie Clark set up his side perfectly, while England had an off day and Gareth Southgate made some astonishingly conservative substitutions as appeared to settle for a point.

It’s led to some pretty comical meltdowns in some factions, but the absolute pettiness in this rating for Billy Gilmour last night is astonishing:

Gilmour went on to be given the Man of the Match award and it even led to a ton of praise from Chelsea fans who want to see him play more next season, while the fact that he’s almost half as good as Raheem Sterling who was shinning the ball around the park is even funnier.

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